Spader is a music artist that is rising to stardom rather quickly. Like most people, he’s experienced many highs and lows in everyday life. After speaking with him, it seemed natural for him to vent about his life situations through his music. This is what he had to say on the topic:

“Sometimes you have a situation where you completely stop talking to a person for good, whether it’s a breakup, mourning a death, or a burned bridge. sometimes when I talk to people I don’t know how to match what i’m saying with how I’m feeling. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to hurt that persons feelings or give them the wrong idea because I have doubts about letting them know how I feel, if it’s the right time or place. when those headphones are on my ears and I listen to the instrumental intro, I shut my eyes, and I’m on cloud 9. It’s a place that I can’t find anywhere on earth, but at the same time I can be anywhere on earth, you follow me? It’s also just an amazing way to make a positive enforcement of closure, a way to say how you really feel.”

Spader uses music as a healthy outlet in order to vent and he highly encourages others to find a passion that helps them as well.

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