A sphere encompassing the earth, the atmo-sphere, makes all life possible. Layers of gases, invisible to the eye, but measurable by scientific instruments, envelope the planetary body and regulate life conditions within.

A more subtle sphere, beyond the reach of today’s science but knowable by the higher senses, encompasses each human body. I postulate that it can be grown, like the muscles can be grown with exercise, skills can be grown with practice, and knowledge can be grown with inquiry and study.

This sphere is the key to humanity’s future, as it connects the individual experientially with universal energies of a more refined nature. I call it the Present Moment Sphere and the Sphere of Light, metaphorical but meaningful terms.

I see the Present Moment Sphere in my mind and feel it in my heart, and grow my experiential connection with the Sphere using my Chi energies and a foundation of Qigong practice.

While this connection is called ‘experiential’, from the more complete perspective of Sphere consciousness there is already integration. Nothing is outside the Present Moment. But from the incomplete perspective of individual consciousness, the connection appears lost, and humans act as though they are apart from the Whole. The cause of this appearance, the illusion of separation, I call the matrix mind (another metaphorical but meaningful term.)

The matrix mind can also be detected by the higher or psychic senses. In my inner vision, I see it as a dark membrane which envelopes the body and makes a barrier between the body-mind and the Sphere of Light.

My Qigong practice for growing the experiential connection with the Sphere, which can be called union with the Divine, intentionally softens the membrane, making it more permeable and decreasing its effectiveness as a barrier.

The Qigong set I created is based on the Eight Pieces of Brocade, which has a thousand year history in China. I developed it by following the inner voice with each practice, and re-writing it over a period of more than eighty revisions. It incorporates a ninth piece, Deep Breathing, which also stands alone as a three minute meditation.

The Sphere is the key to humanity’s spiritual evolution, and to individual immortality. When the experiential connection has sufficiently grown, the Sphere is a spiritual body where the individuated unit of consciousness can reside, surviving the death of the physical body.

The failsafe in the immortal Sphere body, which prevents another fall in consciousness (into the matrix mind,) is in its composition of universal energies. This is expanded upon below, in the distinctions between the Present Moment and the matrix mind.

Throughout the 4,000 year history of Chinese medicine, Qigong has played a central role. Its benefits for the health and well-being of the body-mind are proven by science and experience. Qigong can also be used for spiritual development, towards union with the Divine, in a more traditional way than by practicing the Present Moment Brocades which I created. The most effective will be the one with which a person is most aligned.

Nature does not charge for its bounty, and I do not charge for the fruits of my labors of love. And yet, so long as my physical body requires sustenance provided by the matrix system of the world for a fee, I still have need for such basics as food and shelter. Therefore, I make this need known. May those whose hearts are moved, respond.

Distinctions Between the Present Moment and the Matrix Mind

​The matrix mind is not whatever the present moment is.

The present moment is the most complete perspective.
The matrix mind is partial and incomplete perspectives.

The present moment is timeless, non-linear, and universal.
The matrix mind is local, linear, and on a timeline.

The present moment is boundless, and unconditioned.
The matrix mind is bounded and conditioned.

The present moment is the observer, and witness of all things.
The matrix mind is too restless, busy, and occupied to observe and witness.

The present moment is everything that is, as it is, in totality.
The matrix mind is focused on specifics.

The present moment is all embracing, and inclusive.
The matrix mind is defensive and exclusive.

The present moment harmonizes, balances, and integrates.
The matrix mind is dis-harmony, imbalance, and separation.

The present moment is love; for love itself.
The matrix mind loves in every way but agape, and operates from a base of fear.

The present moment is universal Chi energy; the energy of space.
The matrix mind is entrenched in mass and matter.

The present moment is the unified field, the unmoved mover, and the creative source.
The matrix mind identifies with the manifested.

The present moment is the substance of actuality, rather than the image of reality.
The matrix mind is the image of reality, rather than the substance of actuality.

The present moment is the spirit, and essence, and presence, of nature.
The matrix mind uses and exploits nature.

The spirit of nature seeks to re-unite with the human spirit.
The matrix mind is a barrier preventing each human from experiencing unity with the spirit of nature, or to put another way, union with the Divine.

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