Spiritual engagement to me is being present and connected with myself.  I do daily meditation, writings, readings and breathing to ground me.   

I start everyday “clean and clear”.

I practice the four agreements at all possible times. I am open to blessings on my spiritual journey, which includes solo time and time in fellowship with family at Heart and Soul Center of Light and in community with my guru, RJ, and classmates in the Spiritual Leadership Collaborative with ElderPride.

A friend, Fresh White (Lev), shared that he starts each day with four questions, and so do I:

  1. How can I serve?
  2. How can I grow?
  3. How can I be kinder to me?
  4. What brings me joy?

I recently participated in a four day workshop  entitled “Sankofa Ancestral Healing and Kwanzaa Rite of Passage” with Dr. Will Coleman. Classes and workshops help me to be spiritual engaged.

Every thought and word (spoken or written) is infused with love and I ask myself if is it kind, true, and/or necessary. 

Two other vital daily ingredients, love and forgiveness, of self first and then of others.  

My daily reads in book form and e-book and one in audio too :  A Course in Miracles, 365 Days of Richer Living, A Year of Miracles, #empowered:  Ninety. Days of Enlightenment, Encouragement, and Spiritual Inspiration, and Acts of Faith (25th Anniversary Edition).  

I also do the online course and app of The Creation Frequency.

My “Breathe” app is on my Apple Watch. I do it for one minute daily and it helps concentration and reduces stress.