We often think about what it is we can do to protect our bodies, and sometimes our minds.  However, we often neglect the spirit.  For me, the spirit is responsible for moving you along in a manner that allows you to calmly and positively embrace what comes your way.  An intact, happy spirit can internally handle any disruption or disfunction you might experience. 

Listed below are some ways of spiritual self-care that may be able to help you during times of stress.

  1. Keep your imaginary shields up.  The way to do that is to imagine yourself with a tube of white healing light coming up around your body with mirrors facing.  Say the words “Shields up!” as you do so and you will be creating an invisible shield of protection.
  2. Take meditative moments wherein you focus on 5 minutes of quiet time with simply, slow breathing.  Taking these moments during the course of a day will encourage you to embrace self-care.
  3. Remember that the computer/tablet/smart phone may be “relaxing” and “fun” but can quickly become about getting work done.  It is easy to start working on business when you get in front of the computer, rather than truly enjoying the experience.

I try to stick to the above three suggestions as often as possible so that it keeps me grounded, centered and able to calmly respond with reason, rather than react with emotion.  Try it! 


  • Linda Lauren

    4th Generation Psychic Medium

    Linda Lauren Embracing The Universe

    Linda Lauren is a 4th Generation Psychic Medium. She is the creator of The Vibe™ Room Energy Clearing Spray and author of the memoir, Medium Rare. She connects with people who come to her for guidance through the color and energy she senses around them. Linda, also known as the “Travel Psychic ™ uses that energy to guide her clients with their travel plans. As a female entrepreneur, Linda has navigated the spiritual space with a mix of her own products to help with meditation and to keep positive energy flowing around you. Linda also specializes in color and energy readings and corporate consulting workshops. She has been published in Huffington Post and is a contributor to Thrive Global and Medium.com. Linda has been in Fast Company, The NY Times, CNN Travel, Huffington Post Live, Buzzfeed, Bustle, Martha Stewart Weddings, Forbes.com, Today and on Sirius XM.