Achieving Spiritual Wellness

When we talk about wellness, we generally refer to mental health. Yet I would like to suggest something I call spiritual wellness.

While spirituality presents many deep questions for which we may not have answers, challenging situations present us with the imperative to open our hearts and practice patience, as we advance to the next day, the next month, the next era, with hope and determination.

What’s the best way to achieve spiritual wellness?

As much as the phrase Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, has gained familiarity, Tikkun Adam, the fixing or wellness of the individual, is where it all begins. Here are a few small steps we can all take to achieve – and maintain – our spiritual wellness.

Shine your light. We believe that each person was created with a purpose. You may pray for strength to maintain your center and stay away from negative influences. The key is to cast aside doubts that can obscure our ability to believe in ourselves, to shine our light, so that we are free to manifest our spiritual potential. Smiles are heavily contagious.

Practice goodness. There are so many ways to achieve goodness, mainly by giving continuously and looking upon others generously. Attend to the disadvantaged. Love unconditionally. See the glory and love even in those who may falter. 

Draw inspiration from the cycle of the year. Our Jewish calendar revolves around holy days and festivals that keep us grounded, while making enlightenment accessible. The special days keep us bound in community and in practice, and allow us to spread goodness and light (see above).

Seek out spiritual leaders. Achieve spirituality through a spiritual leader who inspires you. We are fortunate to live in a time where we can access the wisdom and teachings of many inspirational leaders. Become a vessel for the goodness they impart, and share their wisdom with others. 

Cry out to God. Reach for God every day, any time. Strive to develop your relationship with God by giving thanks and praying for your needs. Work to see God’s hand in your life. Look for the changes in the world that are giving way to positive outcomes.

Don’t make yourself afraid. Manifesting our greatest potential sometimes takes a counterintuitive act, a spiritual breakthrough. With so much history behind us, we must come to trust in the present.

The world has now lived through more than a year of pandemic lockdowns and restrictions, which at best, offered us the opportunity to look inward and reassess the things that matter most  to us. May we achieve spiritual wellness that allows us to bring a renewed light into the world.