The statistics shows that more and more partners split up – it not only applies to short-term relationships but also long-term married couples. Why is this the case? What are the most frequent causes of split-ups? How to prevent them? This article gives answers to all these questions.

What causes people in relationships to split up?
The number of answers to this question is as high as the number of relationships which did not survive. We can only invoke the most frequent causes of split-ups, identified on the basis of questionnaires. Short relationships split up often due to inconsistency of expectations and personalities which intensifies with time. After a short-term fascination period, there is a time which shows differences which prevent them from living together in the future.

Sometimes the relationship remains perfect until a decision to share a flat or house is made. While periodical meetings do not reveal certain features of both partners, or if do so – these features are still not dominant, now shared flat or house unveil them entirely. Initial fascination vanishes and with time both persons are tired of each other.

Long-term partnerships split up for other reasons. Some people living together for many years realize they cannot see the purpose in their relationship. Such feeling may result from continuous neglecting of other person’s needs. In love relationships it is important that partners flatter each other; if they fail to do so, their relationship is bound to weaken.

Aside from this, there are also other causes of break-ups, such as infidelity, additions, divergent life expectations, other plans for future, and diseases.

Split-up effects

Split-ups are rarely painless – unless both partners have nothing in common anymore. It is the abandoned person who suffers most, especially if he or she did anything possible to prevent such breakup. A natural consequence of split-up are negative feelings: sadness, sorrow, bitterness. Others get depressed, suffer from insomnia, lose appetite, think about future and their loneliness.

Although split-ups are not easy, you may also take a different look at it and they may prove to be something positive. Particularly if your relationship was toxic or if you suffered because of it. The meaning of each event in your life depends on how you interpret it. The ways of dealing with loneliness and abandonment have been described on the website


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