There have been many sports leaders throughout history who have gone on to achieve impressive feats, but while we cannot cover them all in this blog, we can still pay homage to some of them. These sports leaders have done a lot throughout the history of sports. From making strides with different charities to bring some of the greatest NFL quarterbacks these sports legends have made a huge impact in the world of sports. 

Peyton Manning 

If you don’t know who Peyton Manning is you’ve been living under a rock. He is one of the most regarded quarterbacks in NFL history. Drafted by the Indianapolis Colts in 1998. Manning spend 14 seasons with the Colts until joining the Denver Broncos in 2012. Both a Superbowl champion and MVP, he is a 14 time Pro Bowl member. He has given exceptional leadership and inspired both his teams to amazing victories. But not only has Manning been a leader on the field he has also created his own charity the PeyBack Foundation, a program that promotes the success of disadvantaged youth by helping them with different programs that provide both leadership and growth opportunities. This incredible foundation has been able to provide over $14 million in grants and programs for these kids. 

Kobe Bryant 

This late legend was a leader in so many ways. Throughout his career, he was often compared to the great Michael Jordan. A Lakers player since 1996, he won five NBA championships and was a 17-time member of the NBA All-Star team. When the Lakers need him most he stepped up and was the leader that they needed. He has led by both vocal and physical examples. Before his untimely passing Kobe was involved in numerous different charities. The Mamba and Mabacita Sports foundation was founded by Kobe and his wife Vanessa Bryant and was one of the athlete’s most impactful philanthropic works. In 2011 the foundation partnered with the United Way of Greater Los Angeles, Step Up on Second, and a homeless youth drop-in center called My Friend’s Place to help provide services to children that found themselves without a home. This was only one of the many charities that Kobe was apart of for more on his works you can check out our linked CNN article. 

Michael Jordan 
Not seen as the best leader in the beginning stages of his career, Michael Jordan showed a tremendous progression from his rookie years to the player and leader that he became later on in his career. He had an impeccable drive and was extremely motivated. He never expected more of his teammates than what he knew they were capable of. Jordan joined the Chicago bulls in 1984 right out of college. He played for the Bulls from 1984 to 1993. In 1993 he left for a short break to try his hand at a professional baseball player for the Chicago White Sox. However like stated that career was short live and in 1995, he uttered the words, “Now, I’m back to basketball.” Jordan supports an array of charities. From the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, Cats Care, CharitaBulls, the Jackie Robinson Foundation, Make-a-Wish Foundation, the Nevada Cancer Institute, and many more. Jordan did the most with his fame giving a huge platform to those in need.