One of the main advantages of motivation in sports psychology is that it enhances performance in games. Every athlete desires to excel in the sport that he/she specializes in. Winning demands consistent performance at high levels. According to UFC records, mental proficiency can help to instill consistent performance and guide a person against fluctuations in performance. Here are some skills that can assist a player to maximize their success in their fields and keep going even when it gets tough.

Mental Skills

These are skills that assist a player to control the mind efficiently and consistently as he/she executes sports-related goals. Mental skills do not involve stress monitoring and concentration only, but it also deals with the efforts that can influence personal characteristics such as sportsmanship and self-esteem. With high self-esteem, a player can be able to give a brilliant performance in the field and believe that he/she can get up and do better after failing.

Building Self-Confidence 

According to Rainer Martins, self-confidence is the player’s realistic expectations about attaining success. Rainer further demonstrated that it is not what the players hope to achieve, but what they can truly accomplish. Team coaches can foster self-confidence in the players by putting less emphasis on the outcome of the game so that the players can shift their focus to the performance. The coach should also help the players to remain active despite the drawbacks of a match. After all, it is not the last.


People are involved in sports for various reasons. The most common reasons include to gain fame, be outstanding, socialize, move around, and to keep fit. Mental energy is a great source of motivation. People who are motivated to find it easy to pursue more after a victory and rise after falling. Motivation can be intrinsic or extrinsic. Intrinsic motivation is caused by factors from within the player. It could be satisfaction, interest, or pride. A couch can increase intrinsic motivation to the players by allowing them to make crucial decisions and feel competent.

Extrinsic are factors from outside the player; it could be medals, financial rewards, or attention. A coach should treat each player as a unique person and motivate every member of his/her team according to the intrinsic motivation the player has displayed. Pitfalls can occur when players are motivated to please others and not themselves or when the coach emphasizes on the outcome such that the players are afraid of failing, and they feel demoralized in case they fail. This can make a player give up instead of bouncing back.


This is a vital skill in sports. Coaches need to incorporate concentration exercises in their training. A player should be able to do selective attention that is, focusing on the relevant cues in the environment and closing the factors that do not matter such as crowd noise. Concentration can be achieved when you as a player imagine what you want to achieve and what it takes to attain it. Concentration helps players create sufficient mental energy. To be a proficient competitor, you should be able to shift concentration accurately and rapidly. This will help you keep up with the scores, and you will not back down even after losing since you are aware that you did the best.

Every great achiever in the history of sports had a vision of what he/she wanted to achieve. Players are advised to visualize their goals and pursue them taking every rise and fall with a determined smile.

Reduce Stress

Ever thought of the best ways to reduce stress? Here is the most practical and sure way of reducing stress. But let’s first understand what stress is…

Stress is a state of emotional tension caused by demanding tasks which require our attention. In the current generation, stress is known to affect the majority of the population. This high rate of stress is brought about by our busy schedules. Being a business person in this competitive market, I have been a victim of stress. A few years back, I bumped into a friend who provided me with seven best ways to manage stress that has assisted me through.

Work on Your Diet

Experts say that stress and poor dieting are closely related. However, due to our busy schedules, we find ourselves engaging in poor diets which are filled with sugary and fatty ingredients. To work on my stress levels, I ensure a balanced diet inclusive of fruits and vegetables which help me reduce my stress levels.


Over time, workouts have been known to reduce stress. They enhance blood circulation within your body which in return helps improve one’s moods. I can attest that my morning runs and workouts at the gym have helped me through the stress management journey.

Better Sleep

In the current world, the majority of the population is unable to sleep the recommended eight hours a day due to busy schedules. Being a victim of stress, I can confirm that sleep is a primary cause of stress. Therefore, I recommend that everyone should sleep up to eight hours a day to be in a position to wake up fresh. If your daily activities do not allow you to sleep the recommended hours, try napping during the day, especially in the afternoon. It is a guaranteed way of reducing stress.

Clear Your Diary

Another leading cause of my stress was a busy diary, which I had to attend to. Thanks to my friend who advised me to reassign some of my duties which helped me reduce my stress levels. Experts say that undertaking too many tasks at a time are likely to increase your stress levels. Therefore, it’s recommended that you undertake a small number of duties that your mind can handle.

Speak It Out

As they say, a problem shared is half solved.’ I can confirm that this indeed works. I realized that the moment I reached out to my pals concerning my stress, I felt relieved. Many are moments; I would talk to a friend and notice that he has been through the same situation. In such a case, your friend will assist you to overcome the stress.

Listen to Music

Listening to some cool, relaxed music has been known to have some positive effect on the brain and body. Music helps to lower blood pressure and hormone levels linked to stress. Based on this, listening to some cool music can help you manage your stress levels.

 Take a Cup of Green Tea

A cup of caffeine triggers one’s blood pressure which may cause a rise in stress levels. However, a cup of green tea is at least safer. This particular tea contains amino acids that bring about a soothing and calming effect.

As I conclude, I agree that reducing stress is not a walk in the park. It is a journey that is only accomplished by those who are patient, focused and consistent. Do not just read the 7 ways to reduce stress and ignore them. Try out each one of them consistently. Maintain a positive mind all through the walk of reducing your stress levels. I guarantee you positive results!