It’s a bit of a catch phrase now and in many respects, it’s kind of disheartening that we even need to have conversations about false light or draw attention to the presence of “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, but it is happening, so here we go.

Firstly, a few spiritual facts.

We live in a world of duality, of polarity.

We cannot have light without darkness. In order to know hot, you need to know cold.

Light manifests as higher, more refined frequencies.

Darkness expresses as lower, more dense frequencies.

Light energies and beings, GIVE.

Dark energies and beings, TAKE.

Note: with these last two points I am not including the Yin and Yang system that shows darkness as feminine (and obviously creative and life giving) and lightness as masculine and naturally protective. And of course, ultimately, and viewing all from the most divined perspective, neither is “better” or “worse” than the other.

So, the most obvious question is, “what exactly is false light?” and the answer is relatively simple.

Spiritual false light is anything that appears “too good to be true”.

In comparison to “true light”, which feels warm, cozy and comfortably familiar to your soul, false light feels “cool”, almost detached”. It also tends to shine so brightly that we feel blinded to – or blindsided by – its charismatic allure, not to mention “sucked in” by the person wielding it. Think sexy rock stars or Bollywood heroes that manage to mix malas with mocktails and just the right amount of “fcukoff-namaste” attitude.

Yes, false light can intoxicate and tempt us, often against our better judgment, because it is so brilliantly bright. For me, my false light radar kicks in every time I notice my energy being drawn out of my body without my permission and away from my center. What starts as a small tug on my sleeve like a bored child looking for attention, quickly becomes a definite yanking and distraction kind of like a teen would deliver in a flash hormonal flush, driving me to question my own (better) judgement, in favor of whomever it is that has ensnared my attention and as my senses get further and further seduced by the guru’s wily words and whispers, I realize I am being expertly lured into the serpent’s, not the sadhus, pit. And as delicious as that all may be in the moment being human and all, instead of providing me with answers and insights and leaving me feeling “completed”, it tends to leave me flat and flaccid and asking for more; not to mention, feeling a bit “had”.

True light won’t do that you see. True light satiates the soul immediately.

You’re more likely to feel the “snaking” as a “warm and fuzzy” feeling, which usually fires up in your belly and/or heart first, then seeps through your bones and your skin before moving down to your roots and up to your crown, until there is no doubt at all as to its sovereignty. In contrast, false light appeals to the intellect first with the aim to hook your mind in, using your “divine intelligence” as the perfect vehicle. It’s very clever and well versed in all things psyche of course, which is why so many don’t notice they have been bamboozled until its too late. Before you know it, the “influencer” has gathered a following, a cult – that now includes you – just by bedazzling people with passionate promises, anecdotes and suggestive New Age speils that are actually nothing more than homogenized and inverted alternatives to true light.

False light appeals to our ego because it looks impressive and talks a good game, but it has a use-by date folks and it will always end up being exposed, either by warriors like myself whose karmic duty it is to do so, or by inadvertently and accidentally revealing its hidden intentions on its own.

For example, they will post something on their platform intended to inspire and intrigue, when it’s actually the opposite.

This was recently illustrated by a YouTuber who posted a seemingly harmless and beautiful poetic collage, but which was in fact, prose that was favored by Albert Einstein, a known Freemason and someone who was definitely not aligned with true light. If this person is a true light worker, they would have done their homework on this piece by researching its origin beforehand and upon discovering the satanic connections, wisely decided not to share it. Lesson learned and exposé averted. This is just one example of many, but it gives you an idea of what to look out for.

Know your history, trust your gut and don’t believe everything you see online as truth; because not all “truthers” are created equal.

Another red flag to watch out for is when spiritual teachers start using ancient symbols in their advertising, common ones being the caduceus, the pine cone and adulterated versions of sacred geometry such as The Kathara Grid (aka the true “Tree of Life”) and the organic Flower of Life. Most are familiar with their more popular yet distorted cousins in the form of the Metatronic Grid and the “Daisy of Death”, but these are not created from the true divine blueprints of Nature.

Again, is it honest naivete or are they deliberately showing us who they actually align with?

When it comes to false light, there is always an exchange, and it’s rarely to your long term advantage by the way. Yes for sure, when it comes to energy work, there needs to be equal give and receive, conscious reciprocity, but I’m not talking about that here. True light asks nothing of you. It is pure, unconditional love and as such, feels like a soft, relaxing hug, one that opens your heart and brings tears of joy and acknowledgement to your eyes. You instantly resonate with its message and you also intuit that you are not expected to give anything in return, you need only receive. It is a recognition of the One True Source, the divinity within self, and as such, you know you are in the presence of God, because you remember that you are OF God.

False light will try and convince you that YOU are in fact, God, and that as an All-mighty entity, you deserve everything that comes with that. This is one of the oldest tricks in the book – along with Satan convincing the world that he doesn’t exist, if you’re into the biblical stuff – and it’s still widely taught and believed in what many of us refer to as The New Age Movement, a movement that was borne of satanic practices that hark all the way back to one messed up man called Aleister Crowley, another well known Freemason and incidentally, occult sorcerer.

Another thing that false light tries to do, is convince you. In comparison, true light will never coerce or persuade you, it just is. The serpent tongued false light worker however, is well versed in mind bending and manipulating techniques and they will waste no time weaving their wicked stories in an effort to get you to sign up to their way of seeing and being. Why? Because there’s notes and notoriety in it for them.

This is probably the most detrimental difference between the two because it plays on the humans fear of safety and security and pushes the right buttons around what they are willing to submit themselves to, in order to keep feeling that way. Because true light feels tender and vulnerable, humans automatically perceive this merciful energy as “weak” and therefore, “less than” or at least, less capable of holding, protecting and empowering them. False light on the other hand, intentionally comes across as assertive, confident and so obvious-in-your-face-that-you-can’t-possibly-deny-it, and unfortunately most people find that attractive.

True light will also trigger us because it shines light, literally, into all our cracks and crevices, into all our shadowed spaces, bringing them right up to our attention and in doing so, it forces us to confront and resolve our deepest and darkest fears. False light will shine like this to a degree, but then it will flip and start convincing you that all that trauma you carry is not actually yours at all, that it’s actually someone else’s fault that you feel that way and that you are not required to go through any rite of passage if you don’t want to. Where true light will lovingly ask you to show up to do the uncomfortable work and honestly tell you that it won’t be easy, it will also assure you that you are not alone and that you will be healed on the other side, once you commit to showing up for yourself and owning and clearing what clearly is, your sh*t.

False light prefers to make “your sh*t”, the result of all those times when other people failed to show up for you and let you down and will deflect your conscience away from personal growth and response-ability, directing you instead to seek solace and strength in things (and people) outside of yourself. It doesn’t want you to trust that you have the power within because that would mean you would start waking up and taking back your power and false light can’t have that. This ends up creating a recycling of our wounds and worries over time because we can never feel good enough nor experience freedom and healing, when we don’t take responsibility for ourselves.

In a nutshell, the main difference between these two energies is that true light stems from LOVE and false light stems from FEAR.

Learn to ask questions and to look for the SOURCE of the light, not just accept that the beam currently trained in your direction is real, just because someone else said so.

Those working in service to Source/God/Creator, will never claim that it is them who is doing the “healing” either, whereas false light workers will always take the credit, including attributing their clients “miraculous recoveries” to their bespoke program or product. True light workers, living in their integrity on all levels of being, share from years of personal (and professional) experience and for no other reason than they are here to serve humanity and fulfill their purpose. These people will also turn and face the darkness with no qualms whatsoever, sacred swords at the ready, for they know it is merely an aspect of themselves needing to be seen, heard and integrated.

False light workers (usually) have a colorful story to tell about how they just “awakened” one day thanks to mushrooms or mantras and ever since then, have been channeling archangels and aliens. They will also shy away from digging too deeply into their subconscious, preferring shallower vocabularies such as “I just need to talk to my guides before I can answer that”, or “peace, love and lighting” everything away, and (ironically), teaching that it’s “negative” and even “unnecessary” to explore the darker aspects of one’s psyche because it’s too depressing, or something. Whatever.

Here are a few final spiritual facts to help wrap this all up for you.

True light is illuminating.

False light looks luminous.

True light doesn’t create addictions.

False light craves attachment and bolsters the ego.

True light allows the individual to explore and experience their own spiritual journey.

False light tells you what to do and who and what to believe.

True light sees through illusions, corruption and yes, even staged “pandemics”.

False light creates the illusions and upholds the mainstream narrative.

True light is patient and supportive of your personal process.

False light promises instant healing… but you won’t get your money back.

True light doesn’t need a ritual or a spell to work its magic.

False light relies upon smoke and mirrors to achieve its goals and siphon power.

True light is not limited to any dimension or celestial reality; known and unknown to us.

False light is limited to the fourth (ego) dimension and cannot ascend.

True light IS the heart of the party.

False light feeds OFF the party.

And my personal favorite, which is the basis for all spiritual and energy work IMO:

True light is organic.

False light is synthetic.

I hope this has made it clear and simple for you dear ones. You already knew it anyway, but it’s good to be reminded. Keep practicing discernment, scanning everything through your heart and third eye and get to know how your own energy system works, so you can digest everything in the moment and learn to spot those false lights faster than you can say “God or Guru?!”

Above all, remember that YOU are the light and the truth, in every way.