Spring Equinox. Time for birth. Can you feel all that creation energy? I sure can.
If not…no worries. I got your back. You may be blocking all that power and inspiration because of some old ties that have you feeling heavy. Some self doubt or guilt may be getting stirred up.
I look at these seasonal changes like this: you know when you start cleaning a cabinet in your kitchen? You pull everything out and actually make more of a mess!! You feel overwhelmed and may even feel like quitting?
Yeah! It’s the same thing in your spiritual, physical and mental cabinets. 
I did a LIVE mini training on this. If you are seeking that next level of freedom and joy this season and beyond, then check it out. 
Learn how to clear your attachments to RUSHING around, PUSHING yourself through your daily schedule and FORCING your nutrition & workouts.
Crack your soul WIDE OPEN and let it BE your true guide to a flowing blissful schedule that absolutely nourishes your CREATIVITY and EXPANSION!

Again if you were not able to catch my live TRAINING, the recording is below. It was so so much fun. I get super jazzed up talking about all things energy. After all, EVERYTHING is ENERGY! So it really is fun to learn and master it for your health, spirit and service. The level of love, prosperity and bliss you ARE all depends on your ability to direct your energy in those frequencies. Sparking your curiosity? Cool!! Check out the replay here. I share on:

Smells from the fruitful explosion blooming in nature. NOW is the time to birth something. You do not need permission from anyone to express and grow and birth new ideas. Observe this freedom in nature and flow with it.

Liver Toning…
Your liver is a feeling center. It is effected by all human emotions. 
You are never stuck. You are never stagnate. Your energy is always shifting. Why clear it? Because the lower frequency of emotions like guilt, shame and fear can drain you and over work your liver. Bottom line is that you can feel tired, overwhelmed, and off kilter.

Energy Gridding…
It’s about focused intention. That is the key. Use crystals that call to you and are in alignment with your intentions. Create patterns that feel good to you. Intuition and play are key here. There are a lot of ways out there to do energy gridding. It’s all awesome and fun if it speaks to your soul. My belief is that there is no one ‘right’ way to do it. Listen to your intuition and explore the ways that really come from your creative spirit. The physics and alchemy are rock solid (no pun intended). The frequency that crystals carry is real. How you use them gets to feel totally amazing and awesome to you.

Energy clearing your body…
Opening up to receiving means setting intention around and directing energy toward the left side of the body. This is your feminine hemisphere. I personally practice giving my left arm a massage during meditation. 
Energy shake outs are amazing too. Stay tuned. I’ll be sharing another training on that technique soon. It’s so much fun, easy and super powerful.

Energy fielding…
This is an amazing practice using the 80/20 space exercise. It can really help you tune into your environment and feel for all the energy in your field. You get to use your own super human powers to filter, move and transmute energy to serve you in feeling awesome and radiate that out to all in your shared auric field.