Time is passing by and yet each day feels like groundhogs day. How can you shake off the winter blues and enjoy spring

As some parts of the country are beginning to ease restrictions on Covid-19 social distancing, many of us are preparing mentally to return to regular life, albeit an altered one.

No doubt, our lives are different as we are forever changed from what occurred these past few months. I have that same life altered feeling as I did when 9-11 happened.

So many milestones evaporated as time marched on while we stayed home. My baby turned one, my daughter was the lead in her school play, which got cancelled, another child is waiting to take her drivers test; the list goes on and on. 

All of these changes require us to adapt which can throw even the most mentally flexible person for a loop. 

I have been observing people who are saying they feel like their brain is in a fog. I did a quick google search and I think the best way to describe this feeling is called Ennui- a feeling of utter weakness and discontent resulting from satiety or lack of interest or boredom.

Some people may feel rudderless right now or restless. My typical advice would be to get out, get a new haircut, buy new underwear, get together with friends, but in bizzaro land, that’s out.

All hope is not lost,  there are ways to shake off the ennui and reclaim some zest.

1- get outside and soak in the sun for at least 10 minutes. You need the Vitamin D and it will naturally boost your mood, which brings me to my second point-

2- Move your body in a way that you enjoy and is pleasant to you. This is a proven mood booster.

3- Take an online course to improve yourself in some area, decide to become an interesting person. Tiger King should not be the most interesting thing that has happened to you these past few weeks!

4- Turn off the news. You think more information will give you comfort but the opposite is true, the more information you have, the more stressed you become. 

5- Set up a group zoom call with friends and laugh! (Set one up for your kids and their friends too)

6- Bring out the fancy dishes and go all out for a meal with civility. It may sound frivolous but a little bit of beauty goes a long way in restoring your mood and nourishing your soul.

7- Count your blessings and show gratitude. Find a lonely neighbor that you can drop off lunch to, or perhaps an elderly friend who needs their yard tidied. Invest into others, it takes the focus off yourself and has been shown to reduce feelings of depression. 

Lastly, keep your perspective, this too shall pass. Who do you want to be when it’s over? I am choosing to push forward, increase my resilience and become a better version of myself.

Stay safe guys, see you on the other side!

Katie Corbett, MS, CHES is CEO of Health, Wellness & Chocolate where she teaches women how to lose weight for the last time.