As an agency, the number one most important job you have is simple:

Bring value to your clients and keep them happy with the relationship.

This is something that requires continuous communication and transparency, but setting the relationship off on the right foot is key.

To start client relationships, we put them through an onboarding process and make them fill out something we call a client onboarding form.

This form is massively important to everything we do as an outreach agency.

The purpose of the onboarding form is to learn as much about our clients and their offers as we possibly can, straight from their mouths.

On the form, we have clients tell us about:

  • Who they help
  • What results they can get these people
  • Who their target market is, as detailed as possible
  • What their offer is, as detailed as possible
  • Problems they solve for their ideal clients
  • Results they deliver
  • Case studies they have
  • What makes them unique

With all of this information, our team is able to understand their offer on a deep level and craft outreach scripts accordingly.

Not only is the script copy a direct reflection of their offer and their messaging, but this form helps inform our replies in the inbox.

If a prospect asks for more info or wants to know about our clients’ offer, we simply refer back to the form for an educated reply.

Along with all of the information the form provides, its also an easy way to get login credentials, set expectations, and set the working relationship off on a good note.

Utilizing an onboarding form for clients to fill out will save a lot of time and headaches launching their outreach campaigns, writing well-informed copy, and properly managing your clients’ inboxes.

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  • Christian Bonnier

    Thrive Global Campus Editor-at-Large from SUNY Binghamton

    I am a freshman at Binghamton University studying Accounting in the School of Management. I also co-host the Real Talk University Podcast where my friend Andre and I interview entrepreneurs to provide insight and advice to our college-aged target audience.