As the COVID-19 pandemic finally starts to slow down amidst increased availability of the vaccines, people must prepare to slowly but surely revert back to the “way things were” before the virus resulted in countless changes to our day-to-day routines, both in leisure and in work. Public health issues as a whole won’t be fixed by a vaccine, but they can certainly be kept at bay with personal habits that promote good health. One of these habits is a proper diet, which starts at breakfast. 

Only 47 percent of Americans eat breakfast daily, meaning more than half are off to a very bad start to their days in a healthy eating sense. Of those 47 percent, not all eat healthy breakfasts, so here is a guide of foods to start your day with that will help boost your energy and mental acuity. 

Whole Grains

Even if a piece of toast or two is all you can muster in the morning, the right toast can be a great start to your day. Whole grains (which also include many cereals and oatmeal options) are great for concentration and focus. If you can couple your whole wheat with some morning exercise, the effects are even greater. 


Another choice that can be consumed in moderation for those otherwise not overly excited to add a full meal to their morning routine is nuts, in all shapes and sizes. Vitamin E is very abundant in most nuts, and in addition to helping with focus like whole grains, nuts (and other Vitamin E superstars) can prevent cognitive decline, so it’s never too soon to add some to your daily routine. 

Salmon (and Friends)

A popular bagel topper is salmon or lox, and in addition to being subjectively delicious, oily fish is also a catalyst for waking up the brain in the morning. EFAs, or “essential fatty acids” may sound a bit off-putting, but quite the contrary in regards to a healthy morning diet. These EFAs are, indeed, essential, but not otherwise created in the body like some nutrients. Thus, they must be consumed, and the fats help increase memory in the short-term, but also can be factors in preventing disease and even relieving depression. 

Brain Omelet

Eggs, in general, seem to have something added to their list of health benefits every year, and it’s no coincidence that they are staples at the breakfast table, as they contain calcium, potassium, sodium, copper, iron, zinc and more. No matter what you use your eggs for, they are a solid addition to your morning routine, but an omelet with leafy greens and tomatoes is even better for the morning psyche, as both help with focus and attention span. 


Though often discussed as an essential oil, adding sage to your diet can have similar effects. Originally an energy tip popular among nurses, a little sage and lemon in your morning beverage has been proven to increase focus and energy. When using it in recipes, it is important to save the sage addition until the end, as the oils it contains may get cooked off, defeating the purposes. 

Carpe Diem

A healthy diet doesn’t perform nearly as well without a steady dose of water, and upping your H2O intake is an easy addition to your diet, as well. Keeping this diet healthy and steady is important to ensure the effects are lasting, but don’t be afraid to mix it up, as well. Even some sweets for breakfast from time to time are better than nothing, and that cup of coffee is popular for a reason! Bring them all together, and start your mornings right.