Despite the demanding lifestyle of a medical student, that didn’t stop Ashton Fionda from starting her own beauty company. Starting from 2010, Fionda began as a solo makeup artist then teamed up with a friend who offered hair—soon enough Fionda’s business “Decadence Hair and Makeup” began to grow from a small room in a gym.

After a year down the line being in the beauty industry for quite some time, Fionda decided to upgrade to the aesthetic world. Once she had the opportunity, Fionda flew to the opposite side of the country. But little did she know that this opportunity would change her life for the better. Since then, Fionda has developed into the medical world.

Balancing a newfound company and a future career in medicine is not an easy task to defeat, but Fionda continues to push forward. Fionda claims that it takes a certain mindset to accomplish your goals. She emphasizes that once an opportunity falls at your feet, you have to be able to take that risk because somehow you will make it work. What really motivates Fionda is her never ending passion and relentlessness for self development in the industry.

Today, Fionda is working on developing a more medical approach for her company. She wants her aesthetics staff to gain a more medical background so that they all would have a certain level of extended medical knowledge. Her staff is working behind the scenes on medical courses to begin training, if the beauty world is to ever change. This gives Fionda an empowering feeling, knowing that she’s changing the negative perspective the medical community views beauticians.

To aspiring entrepreneurs, Fionda advises to continue to strive for success and take risks. Do what you want to do and manifest your dreams.

“I’m a massive believer in what you put into the universe is what you will get back…it’s working for me,” Fionda states.