the little things of life

For many, 2020 has been a year of tribulations. 2020 hauled people into a new way of life without even issuing a warning. People had no choice but to adapt to the new normal and fast. I am one of those individuals who dislike the term new normal, I only use it here because it describes the experience and you understand what I am talking about. Maybe knowing I dislike the term is a small moment between you and me, the reader who feels the same. I would like to think it is.


I’m sure this is not the first time you come across a piece of writing that tells you that it’s the little things that make life grand. I feel this is especially true for 2020. With cities on lockdown, people had no choice but to slow down and find activities to keep busy. For me, that activity came in the form of gardening. Prior to the pandemic, I couldn’t keep a plant alive if my life depended on it. I know gardening doesn’t sound exciting and life-changing, but surprisingly it is.

2020 was a time where talk of death ruled the news headlines. With so much dread everywhere, gardening gave me a feeling that I was helping to create life. My small gardening wins made me feel that I was ready to be sent into space on a colonization mission because I could keep plants alive. Just call me the Lead Horticulturist on Space Mission Mars. The truth is that I am a novice gardener, I definitely don’t have the skills to keep food production going to sustain human life in space. At least not yet. Hey, we all start somewhere.

I always wanted to learn to grow plants because I am part of different movements that encourage people to grow their own food gardens to share with those in need. I was even tempted to buy a small farm a few months ago. Only time will tell if my small gardening moments lead to bigger gardening things. Farmers are entrepreneurs too. If you are interested in learning more about these gardening movements, visit the Food is Free project.

Thanks to my experience gardening in 2020, I walk into 2021 focused on the following lessons:

  • Things take time to develop. Plants don’t grow overnight. The same applies to humans. Patience is a virtue.
  • Sometimes heavy rain drowns some plants, but some plants survive. I don’t know if it’s because they are strong plants or because they got lucky. Whatever the reason, life goes on.
  • Life comes in different shapes and forms.
  • Each type of plant requires different care. Some plants love the sun and some don’t. It’s OK to be different and to find the best environment for yourself.
  • Some plants don’t like each other and don’t do well when paired. Some plants have qualities that inhibit the well-being of other plants. Some plants make great companions and help each other grow. Have you observed something similar in human relationships? Know yourself and find great companions that help you grow.

What lessons from small moments in 2020 are you taking with you to 2021? Tweet to me and let me know @SocialMediaSass.