Experts are saying that one of the reasons why the Covid-19 crisis is unprecedented is because while it affected a lot of businesses, startups especially, negatively, it can also serve as a platform for the next big success. Similar to how WhatsApp, Uber, and Slack were founded towards the end of the last recession, the economic condition that we are in right will most certainly give rise to a number of breakthroughs–and there have already been some.

If you’re one of the individuals that are thinking of taking a crack at what could be the next big thing, or just looking to start a profitable entity that you can call your own, please note that as with any venture, yours could go both ways.

“Starting a business is a risk we take because we understand that the potential profit is bigger than risk itself. There are ways to increase the chances of business success and to achieve that you need a combination of strategy and action,” shares Cody Sperber, one of the country’s leading real estate investors.

Sperber is also a prolific CEO, author, U.S. Navy veteran, and educator. He believes that, especially with the pandemic, entrepreneurs of any level can survive–and even thrive–if they are able to build meaningful connections with people who can help them. “Entrepreneurs need to stick together and lock arms and who better to lock arms with than successful entrepreneurs.”

Together with friends and fellow business giants–BioTRUST founder, Joel Marion, and angel investor and Elevator Studio’s CEO, Dan Fleyshman– Sperber created 100 Million Academy, a newly launched online learning platform that has been dubbed by experts as the “Netflix for business leaders”. It gives anyone access to a wealth of information that can help them multiply their investment and increase their income straight from experts who have each made profits of more than $100 million. 

Founded on the premise of making it easier for entrepreneurs of any level, aspiring entrepreneurs, and professionals to increase their earnings, 100 Million Academy brings together some of today’s most innovative and successful businessmen in one place where they share essential information that people can take and apply to their practice, including culture building, lead generation, investing, social media marketing, even personal branding, and memory hacking.

Sperber adds that although there have been countless individuals that the program has helped, the 100 Million Academy should not be mistaken as an easy way to success. While it provides scientific, empirical knowledge, the application of which still heavily relies on the entrepreneurs. 

“One thing we want people to understand is that 100 Million Academy is not an online course that teaches the newest fads or unproven theories. This is a platform where you can acquire real income-generating skills from people who have already experienced success and where you can build connections with individuals who can help you achieve your goals.”

What’s the key takeaway? The crisis we are in now may very well become a stage to launch great business ideas that can shape the future, but in order for these ideas to work, they need to be backed by proper, systematic, and focused operational practices that one can learn from successful entrepreneurs. This, together with the right connections, are key to helping you shape your business’ own future.

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