Patrick Corsino is a serial entrepreneur, speaker, and investor known for starting multiple successful online business as well as being an early investor. His journey started in college when he realized the flaws in the education system and took his life into his own hands. Patrick worked as a waiter for some time in order to fund his first business, and the rest is history. Fast forward, Patrick has started multiple businesses and built an investment portfolio that few his age can rival.

What do you think of starting side hustles?

Side hustles can be a great thing. Depending on what your current situation is, it may be that you’re working a full-time position and you are not comfortable leaving that position to start something completely new. Or maybe you’re a full-time student. A side hustle in this example would be a great way to start earning some extra income and who knows, in the future it might even become your main business!

Do you think only entrepreneurs should start side hustles?

This is probably one of my favorite questions. The answer is NO, everyone should be looking at ways they can earn extra income, not just entrepreneurs. Everyone has heard the quote that the average millionaire has 7 streams of income. Not all millionaires are entrepreneurs! So that means no matter what you do now, and what you plan on doing in the future, you should always be looking for ways to add and scale new streams of income.

What is the biggest mistakes people make when starting a side hustle?

I think people are too wrapped up in the idea of going from making $0 to $1million overnight, and anything less than that is just not worth it. I truly believe everyone has the ability to be successful, but most people will shoot themselves in the foot before they ever get there. Its ok to start small, scale, re-invest and you will be surprised how things look like a few years down the road. All of this is exponential, first you start small and as you scale and as time goes by, you will grow faster and faster.

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