I read recently about a young man who is single with no children – starting over at 40. I was really impressed with his story…and then I realized….wait. I’m starting over. I’m 57 and I have two children in University…(only one is pictured here…the other one prefers that I don’t exploit her this way…….fair!)

How did I get here?

It’s simple really. My empathy gene has always functioned in overdrive. The result? I can’t stand to watch others mistreated in the workplace and I won’t stand for it myself. (Did anyone else LOVE Sally Field in Norma Rae??)

For 30+ years I helped raise over $100M for a variety of social profit organizations. I did this work because matching philanthropists with their passion and seeing the amazing good that comes from it – inspired me, fed me, and made a difference. It was work I loved.

But it was work that was often performed in organizations with toxic leadership, bullying behavior, and dog eat dog co-workers with a mob mentality.

Workplaces where vulnerability and trust and “doing the right thing” were not valued. Workplaces where inclusivity and equality were hailed as values but not practiced. Workplaces where only the “inner circle” could succeed.

Have we not had enough of siloed workplaces? Self-serving individuals and management teams? The constant struggle to do the right thing because how we get things done matters?

When we work in organizations meant to do good in the world – should there not be a “do no harm” rule? Should there not be kindness and consistency in how we treat our employees and each other?

I want workplaces in the social profit sector where Boards take responsibility for culture. Organizations where Boards set the culture and measure the CEO on their ability to get things done…while building a values-based culture. Organizations that don’t replicate the very systems they purport to be trying to change.

There is a sad dichotomy, in too many organizations, between the values-based work we do and the way we do it.

So I’m starting over. I’m focused on the creation of workplaces where #kindness matters. Where #culturematters. Where YOU matter. Workplaces that put the HUMAN back in human resources.

Trust me when I say that starting over at 57 with two kids in University…isn’t easy. But I’m committed to the creation of a sector that cares…not just about the world…but about the folks working to make the world a better place.

Join me and the movement to #makeworkmorehuman. #management #humanresources