You Choose…..

Wishing my life away!

I spent a lifetime wishing I could do what I loved and make an abundant living from it. I was a frustrated artist and like many of my fellow creatives, I had settled for the mundane instead of greatness. You see there is an attitude in society that has programmed a subtle sabotaging belief that artists will never have wealth, and if they do, they will be in the minority and are also likely to be white and male! (

This belief has been passed from generation to generation and I am one of the so many women that have just tried to fit in and earn a living. I went to art college and it is what I always wanted to do, but I just couldn’t find a job so I compromised. I managed to forge a 6-figure successful career in retail and was admired and accredited as one of the top Managers and coaches in my company and headhunted twice. But there was a void. As I aged and became wiser and learned more, running three successful businesses of my own, the void just got bigger.

Step into your power.

At last, like a message from on high, I decided that instead of allowing my life to feel out of alignment, I was going to follow the pull. You see, by allowing yourself to continue moving forward without so much as a nudge towards the roots of your creativity is like driving a car without knowing how to drive! Would you do that in life? Just drive a car by accident? Then why had I been living by accident? I decided to drive me in the direction that my life should be going and apply all of that knowledge I had to what I really wanted to do. I knew how to run a business, scale it, lead a team and stay focused, I just needed to apply that very same strategy to my creative genius.


At the end of 2018, the Universe gave me a sign. My husband bought me a desktop easel and some equipment for Christmas and told me to stop talking about it and just do it! I started to draw and paint on Boxing Day with no clue where it would take me. On Boxing Day 2019 I launched my new business Violet Aura Art and already had a client signed to my signature program two full months before I launched. Today I feel reborn because I coach innovative female entrepreneurs who lack business acumen and do not earn their worth, to launch or develop their successful creative business. I paint powerful images about women and empowerment and I write books that inspire. Imagine if I had not learned to drive my life, how selfish would that be of me? Now 1000’s of creative women can find their power in a safe and structured way and I can lead change in the creative space by building an army of abundant creative women.

There is no longer a void there is a vision.