A person who doesn’t know where his next dollar is coming from, is usually someone who does not know where his last dollar went. That is the thing about money. It is fickle. There have been so many millionaires, who shot to fame and money, but they could not hold the profits. Reaching to the top may be hard, but being on the top is harder. Mohamed BDJ is the man behind these words. 

The 22 year old entrepreneur believes that fame and money are fickle friends. An entrepreneur is what an entrepreneur does. When Mohamed was a 19 year old, he did not have much to begin with. He just had the will to move forward, and take on the world. 

At 19 years, he gave his first motivational speech. That is how his career as a self-made entrepreneur began. He had many mentors, who guided him in his path. In the last couple of years, Mohamed has grown into a financially independent man who inspires people across the world. He has travelled to over 20 countries, and is living the life. 

But how did he manage to become financially affluent at such a young age? Mohamed is no ordinary man. He had a zeal to improve. His childhood wasn’t pretty, and he wasn’t born in a wealthy family. Mohamed decided that he would try and turn things around. 

When he started as a motivational speaker, he did not know he would come so far. Now, he has interacted with famous people like Bob Proctor, Eric Thomas, and Tony Robbins. The success did not come easy. Mohamed advises that – “Stay consistent before expecting profits”. Everyone is so wrapped up in earning money, that they forget it is a long term process. 

Long term money-making is not like a wending machine, you do not put in a coin and reap the rewards. It is more like planting a tree, nurturing it, and then watching the fruits grow. Mohamed advises young entrepreneurs to not hurry things. He says that if we do not eat half cooked meals, then how can we expect our half baked business ideas to work. 

Mohamed believes there are three stages to financial success. 

  • Development
  • Patience 
  • Profits

He did not become rich overnight. It took Mohamed 6-12 months to get the hang of the influencer marketing/ motivational industry. He stuck around, learnt the tricks of the trade. Patience is an under-rated quality in an entrepreneur. You need to wait for your efforts to show results. Do not expect to see results in a month. Be patient to reap the profits. 

In Mohamed’s word – “You have to make sure you stay consistent and engaged in a single line for 6-12-18 months before expecting results otherwise you lose your focus.” He says he also suffered from bouts of self-doubt,he questioned himself whether he was doing the right thing. But in the end it is worth it. Mohamed advises young entrepreneurs to stay focused and create wealth in long term.