Taking control of your health and fitness has numerous benefits. From decreasing body fat, strengthening muscle mass and stimulating bone strength as well as improve memory, developing cardiovascular health and heightening the immune system. It also decreases stress, increases sleep quality, and boosts self-confidence which helps you live abundantly.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, a normal adult needs at least 2 hours and 30 minutes to 5 hours of steady aerobic exercise per week or 75 minutes to 150 minutes a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic exercise (think running, hiking, swimming. etc.), or “an comparable sequence of moderate- and vigorous-energy aerobic exercise”.

But, exercising can be dangerous too without an expert. This expert is hard to find in the present busy generation.

However, we have you covered.

Today, let’s look at an exhilarating and highly successful young online fitness and health trainer, Jake Havron.

Research suggests that people who consult a trainer and a mentor are more likely to adhere to their fitness routine because their willpower is stronger and the mentorship brings motivation plus accountability.

Beginning his journey after graduating college as a nurse allowed him to bring a more holistic approach to each one of his client’s transformations through training.

He was deemed to play for the Hawaii Pro basketball team, but the coach scooped out two weeks leaving the program to collapse. Using his inclination towards bodybuilding, Jake pursued becoming a full-time fitness trainer, developing amazing transformation stories for each client he works with.

He now runs his online fitness and health business that is customized to each client and their needs. With entrepreneurship in his heart and passion that drives his zeal, Jake credits his unbelievable success and happiness to his love for transforming the lives of everyone through the online training.

Within 90 days of initiating the online training platform, he came across Sarah Foley, who was a future Ms. Wheelchair Hawaii. He poured his heart and soul in her training, and this journey was awe-inspiring, to say the least.

Her results were breathtaking and having hundreds of people asking what exactly she did. This compelled them to work together to make a full-time online training program and coach people that face some limitation or disability throughout the world. They named it the DisabilityIcon program.

His advice to all is never forget about putting yourself first with your health so you can be an overflowing cup of positivity to others. Good health can bring home this happiness both emotionally and mentally, which can drive everyone else around you to be positive and happy as well.

Jake also holds a degree in nursing from the University of Jamestown. He played collegiate basketball while balancing nursing school in there so he can graduate in 4 years. He intended to be a nurse but now found it serving as a great backbone to training people and coaching them in transforming their lives

Jake believes the exercise and fitness timings depends on a person’s circadian cadences (whether they’re lark or night owl) which generates alterations in physiological markers like heart rate, blood pressure and core temperature, each of which influence exercise performance.

Fitness Plans he provides are challenging but really enjoyable when the results come in. People like Jake makes it easier for everyone who wants expert opinion and guidance towards a healthy lifestyle.

He managed his degree and the body together, and balanced work, life and everything in between through patience, and the love to serve society through his fitness training initiative.

In a world drenched of social media, too many people just post their highlight reels and successes. Fake perfection is everywhere, and this is why the world has turned into a very weird place to live. Everything is available to the user with a click, and this can be negative about technologies and social media platforms. But with the right plan and coaching made for you, it takes guessing out of the equation and adds in real results. Jake believes, “Your health should be one of the most important focuses in your life to see everything around you flourish as well.”