Uncertainty is gripping people as they stay at home for days together to comply with physical distancing requirements. Everyone is looking to stay safe from the coronavirus infection that spreads through the droplets of the saliva released when we speak, cough, or sneeze. The situation is far from normal, and the lifestyle that people are adapting has restrictions making them feel like caged animals. It is hard to maintainfocus and poise as the fear and anxiety about the uncertain future keep growing at a personal and professional level.  Working from home might provide some relief, but it can soon become a cause of misery if you are not in the right frame of mind, observes Ram Duriseti.

Practice mindfulness to enhance your wellbeing when you are at home.Here are some suggestions.

Prepare for the day – Ram Duriseti

Consider each day as a new opportunity and start on a positive note. Go through a brief ritual for about 15 minutes to prepare for the day. Start by looking within yourself to appreciate the good things that you have. It can be innocuous as the comfy blanket, your beloved home, the blue sky, the spring breeze, or the blossoming trees you feel grateful for. It will inspire you to stay grounded and gain the strength of moving ahead.

Practice breathing for stress relief

The next step is to practice some stress-relieving breathing techniques. Focus on the way you breathe and learn to develop the method of deep breathing, also known as relaxing breath or 4-7-8 breathing. The method consists of taking your breath while you count 4, then holding the breath until you count 7 and then breathing out or exhaling while you count 8. Practice each set 4 times during different times of the day to reset the autonomic nervous system and relieve anxiety.

Move and stretch

Staying active boosts mental health and immunity and is best for fighting stress that overwhelms our minds and makes us forget about taking care of our bodies. Practice yoga poses and stretching that helps in improving mindfulness and brings back the focus on the body. If you do not know how to practice these disciplines, sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes at a quiet place and try to concentrate your mind toward your feet to make you feel more grounded. When you stay in touch with the earth, your anxiety and worries flow out from you.

Eat well

Nutrition is essential to overcome stress.Focus on eating whole foods instead of depending on supplements that do little to boost immunity. Eat more of plant-based foods, especially fruits and leafy vegetables. Cut out sugars and bad fats from the foods you select and eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, and cook food with turmeric and ginger.  Stay hydrated with plenty of water and green tea.

Stay in touch with friends and family, especially those who exude positivity. Focus on what is in hand to express the gratitude that allows you to enjoy the goodness around you.