Are you on a smartphone all day?

Most people are. They’re chatting, watching videos – or just reading content.

And you know what? There’s nothing wrong with that.

Smartphones are the new “TV.” They’re how we get information on reality. So they’re not a “safety problem”…

However, the only become problems when we “tune out” the environment around us.

How So?

People using smartphones have a habit of zoning out. They lose track of time, space, and their safety

Don’t be that person. Don’t compromise your safety just for your phone.

So what should you do? Keep reading.

You need to keep in-mind some healthy phone habits. And we’ll mention THREE below…

Check out the list, memorize it, and then apply it in your life!

#1 – Using Phone Cases.

As you probably know – phones emit radiation.

That’s how they work. Radiation is how phones “send and receive” signals. And that won’t change anytime soon…

However, you still have the problem of exposure.

Your phone is tucked by your side all day. If you’re not fiddling with it, then it’s in your pocket.

And that means you get slammed with radiation non-stop.

Why You Need a Case.

They’re not just for looks. Phone cases actually decrease the amount of radiation that hits your skin…

Obviously, more protection demands a higher price. But it’s a worthwhile “anti-carcinogenic” investment!

So get one. And make sure it’s a “top quality” model – whether you like its looks or not.

#2 – Not Texting in Transport.

Got a habit of texting while driving?

If so, drop it immediately. It’s dangerous to you, and others on the road too.

And this applies to all drivers.

Whether you be a small car owner, or a commercial truck driver, you should never ever text on the road.

Not Even at a Traffic Light?

Unless it’s a ½ hour traffic jam – then yes.

And if you’re wondering, this applies to reading text too. That is, checking your phone with quick glances to read messages…

It takes at least 5 seconds for a full read. And by then, you would have crossed much mileage…

What to Do.

Turn your phone off in your car.

Put it on silent, or keep it on “meeting settings.” That is, ensure it doesn’t alert you whatsoever…

Alternatively, you can always find a phone that does the job automatically.

Find a phone that’s designed to shut off when you’re moving fast (the Figgers brand being an example).

It’ll save you the struggle to remember. And it’ll ensure you maintain proper impulse control!

#3 – No Texting on Foot.

If you’re walking, put your phone in pocket.

Don’t stare at the screen while walking, especially in public.

Why? Because there are many safety risks involved, from tripping and falling, to getting your phone snatched.

In a sense, you lose environmental awareness.

And don’t you need that in public? Don’t you need that to gauge “threat” from “security”?

After all, if you’re distracted, you’re a prime target to malicious folk…

What to Do.

If you want to use your phone, sit aside.

Head to a nearby bench. Sit at a bus stop, or walk into a store and find an empty aisle…

But never use it on the street. The dangers outweigh the benefits!

Stay Conscious.

That’s the whole gist of the tips.

You need to avoid distractions whenever you can – especially phones.

Focus on what you’re primarily doing, and set the phone aside for later.

Only pick up your phone when “it’s the primary activity.” Otherwise, you risk your safety, time, and health!