2020 has been a year filled with challenges for everyone! On one end, it was the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak that resulted in significant infections and deaths. And on the other hand, the after-effect of the pandemic has resulted in a massive economic downswing. There were instances of people losing their job and witnessing salary cuts. Several professional sectors also noticed salary delays and changes in job terms and conditions. All these aspects have increased the general stress and anxiety in people. People need to stay well despite all challenges.

Wellness guidelines by Michael Giannulis

Excess stress and nervousness can lead to physical and mental discomforts. It makes a person discouraged from their immediate surroundings and can also lead to minor aches in the body. Michael Giannulis has shared some of the best wellness guidelines for people to stay well during the pandemic.

  1. Limit negative thoughts and tension

Today, people are surrounded by excess negative and tensed news concerning the pandemic outbreak. Even though the information concerning a possible vaccine is making rounds, a lot remains uncertain. Hence, it is an excellent decision to refrain from listening to tense and scary news updates. You should also try and stop thinking negatively. One of the best ways to do that is by engaging in activities that bring out positive feelings and a feel-good factor. For instance, you can read about the pandemic recovery instead of the news updates on the infection.

  • Practice gratitude

It’s impossible for people to feel tensed and good at the same time. Practicing gratitude can help a person to make a shift in one’s attitude drastically. It is a good practice to count your blessings and be grateful for the things you have in your life. It will make you more hopeful and reduce your nervousness. When you are less stressed, your immune system gets a boost.

  • Eat healthily and at the right time

Today, most people have been staying at home for the longest time. It leads to stress and an unwillingness to eat at the right time. Additionally, people replace healthy platter with junk food. It can affect your immune system adversely and make you sick. Hence, one of the best ways to stay healthy is to eat healthily. Also, make sure that you consume your meals at the right time. It will help you get the desired nutrient value and will keep your body strong and healthy. It will also help you to manage your weight and lose a few extra pounds without much effort.

  • Meditation is essential

Most people have palpable energy because of extra stress and nervousness. It can affect the quality of life and make one feel sad and depressed. Hence, one of the ideal ways to manage this is by meditating. Mediation is a good practice that helps curb down stress and makes a person calmer and more relaxed. It also helps a person to get clarity in life and behave in a more grounded way.

These are some of the essential guidelines that will help anyone stay well and fit during the pandemic phase.