Staying Active During the Winter Months _ Sabha Ganai MD

While the warm seasons make outdoor activities enticing, it’s essential to get creative regarding remaining active during the winter months. After all, exercise is vital for physical and mental health. If you’re unsure how to get started, consider some of the following tips to help you stay active during the winter months.

Put on Layers

As you head outside for a daily walk or jog, put on a few layers. Don’t wear extremely bulky layers. Wear lots of thin layers that can shield your body from the heat. Furthermore, make sure your head, hands, and toes are entirely covered. Your extremities tend to feel the bitter cold first. If you’re protected, you won’t feel the sting of the cold air.

Curate a Great Playlist

A great playlist can make you forget that you’re in the middle of a workout. After a stressful day, some great tunes can help you get your heart rate up, release stress and burn calories. Whether you choose to do a dance party in your home or use a jump rope to focus on a few hundred reps, develop a fantastic workout playlist that will make the time fly by.

Commit to an Enjoyable Activity

Granted, some exercises might not be the most fun. However, you get the opportunity to do what you want. If you love Zumba, choose that workout more often. When you find something you enjoy, it’ll become easier to remain active and stick with it.

Track Your Progress

At the beginning of a winter fitness journey, it might be challenging to crawl out of a warm bed to exercise. However, if you track your progress over time, you might become more motivated to continue. Don’t always rely on the scale to measure your progress. Measure your level of stamina during a workout. Pay attention to how much endurance you build. Use a measuring tape to notice if you’re decreasing in inches.

You only get one body. It’s best to treat it as well as you possibly can. By taking 30 minutes from each day to get your heart rate up, engage in resistance training or increase your flexibility, you’ll extend your lifespan over time.