Mental Welness

COVID-19 has made lives and economy vulnerable in the past few months! And now that people have to stay at home, it’s taking a toll on people’s minds. The standard government rule to remain shielded from novel coronavirus are social distancing, wearing a mask and glove, using sanitizers, and staying at home. Most people are working from home and staying indoors as much as possible. And that brings us to another health protocol that we must follow i.e., taking care of our mind. Mental wellness is as crucial as your physical agility and wellbeing.

Ram Durisetishares mental well-being tips

Staying at home for such a prolonged time isn’t easy. You might feel lonely and bored at regular intervals. On the extreme side, your mind might alternate between feelings of restlessness, frustration, anxiety, panic, fear, and endless sadness. From health, finance, your loved ones to your job certainty – you will find yourself worrying about all these aspects. First and foremost, relax as you’re not the only one here. Everyone is feeling something similar. The global pandemic hasn’t been kind to anyone.

Knowing that others also feel the way you do in varying degrees is comforting to some extent. But what brings more comfort, calm, and relaxation are mental wellbeing guidelines. You can count on the tips shared by Ram Duriseti, a clinical expert, who also takes a keen interest in matters related to mental wellness and holistic health.

  1. Share your feelings with a family member or friend

Don’t lock up your feelings within yourself and increase your stress levels. If you do this during this pandemic, it might result in a hormonal imbalance and other physical and mental issues. Trust and share your feelings with a friend or a family member. That way, you can feel understood and acknowledged. Having someone to listen to your thoughts is ample relief that will make you feel better.

2. Binge-watch comedy movies and shows

Laughter is the best medicine! And in a time when the world is caught up with anxiety and panic, laughter helps to shift the energy and elevates your mood instantly. So, take time out, and binge-watch all your best comedy films and shows. It will help you lighten up and not feel the apprehension and tension 24×7.

3. Check with a doctor when there’s a need

Even though doctors suggest partial self-medication during this time, it makes sense when you’re unsure about your symptoms. Also, if your panic attacks increase and you feel body pain, consulting a doctor helps. The prescription and the assurance acts as a placebo effect and help you heal better.

4. Find peace and solace in nature

Nature can heal in ways that the mind can’t imagine! Find out time daily for spending amongst nature. You don’t have to walk out of your house for this always. You can gaze at the morning scene, the trees, and the lake around and hear the birds chirping. Looking at the sky when you are on the rooftop also brings a sense of peace and calm.

It takes some effort to ensure that you are at peace during the pandemic phase. With mass anxiety and stress, contentment isn’t something easy to achieve now. Using the guidelines mentioned above can help.