The past few months have been challenging to say the very least. Finding ways to stay connected with our loved ones and our community is the key to moving forward during these strange times. In the past six months, I have stayed connected by making use of these three things.

1) Technology is key. We are lucky enough to have access to many powerful technologies – available right at our fingertips. Utilizing these tools is a great way to enable a sense of normal. Whether it’s using Zoom or Microsoft Teams for virtual meetings and family events, there are many creative ways that we can partake in important events such as birthdays and holiday dinners.

2) Email & text messaging is essential. Professionally or personally, using your phone to check-in with others remains more important today than ever before. Texting is convenient and offers a fast solution, but there is nothing wrong with going back to basics – phone calls. Take the time to check in with family and friends. A quick phone call or facetime is a great way to see how they’re doing and to stay connected.

3) Be there for your community. In the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, I made a conscious effort to visit and deliver care packages (from a safe distance) to friends and community members working on the frontlines. Whether it’s a family member, someone who works in my community, or an old friend, being there for them makes all the difference. Showing others in our community that we appreciated their hard work was rewarding for both them and myself, knowing that I could make another person day a little bit brighter.

I have been fortunate enough to work closely with many of my friends and family throughout the past few months, so it’s arguably a bit easier to stay in touch and connected with them as we see each other (responsibly and safely) in the workplace. Being able to stay connected with those outside your bubble remains a crucial point – one we all must work towards. Take the time to check-in on those around you!