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COVID 19 Cases: 2,404,866 | Deaths: 164,925 | Recovered: 624,848

The immense personal loss that seems surreal to the ones watching from outside is real, sudden and unfathomable for those who have lost a dear one, a patient, or even themselves in this crisis. There is much pain and grief along with the insurmountable courage, fortitude and compassion in each one of our hearts, directly or passively impacted so far. I take moments each day to honor the loss and transition of loved ones on behalf of the collective, esp. because most are not being able to even get a proper closure due to the physical distancing required even at the time of passing away of their most cherished ones.

Then there are other breakdowns and endings of jobs, housing and other physical safety structures impacting millions. I urge that we take a moment to pause, recognize and honor in our own personal ways of accepting these losses and changes even if these are not our direct experiences before we move on. If it was a change management plan we are managing within an organizational structure, would we not approach similarly? Staying in touch with our humaneness is important in these times so that we can retain our strength of mind, body and spirit for the long haul.

Times are challenging us to face our individual and collective deepest fears of loss and abandonment, shadow behaviors of judgment, impatience and attacking all that seems to threaten our security and well-being, blaming as a way of coping with the death and destruction or finding meaning of the chaos. Yet there have never been stronger times than now to bring forth our fortitude and personal leadership, immense capacity to stand in our highest truth of what truly matters, to genuinely care and serve in love cutting through all layers of divisiveness and separation, to have compassion and to act in courage.

Even when fear, anger, criticism and resentment of the many lack and failure around us loom large in our minds and hearts, sending out more of that into the common universal space -which happens to be the interconnected web space for now- dilutes our capacity to remain focused on what needs to be done, what truly heals, soothes and helps ourselves and others. Along with our physical health, we ought to indulge in behaviors that protect, maintain and promote our emotional and mental wellness. Let us stay safe and act in ways we can to create the shifts we wish to see in how we relate to others in unified consciousness.

As Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum said in Davos 2017, “There has never been a time of greater promise, or greater peril.”

Let Love and Peace touch each one in the best possible way!

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