Beth Ann Debouvre

Famous healers and medical researchers believe that our mind plays a crucial role in our wellbeing! The body is a reflection of the mind. Going by that logic, it’s our mind and emotions that are at stake right now. The novel coronavirus hasn’t been kind on human life in 2020. From mammoth infection and death rates to community transmissions, we are living in challenging times. Fear, trauma, anxiety, panic, and stress are common for everyone right now. And that is affecting our health in small fractions daily.Hence, thinking positively and giving yourself reasons to feel better is essential for physical wellness. It’s time to attend our thoughts and emotions that are getting perturbed every day.

Beth Ann Debouvre guidelines for emotional and mental wellness

If you feel a sense of gloom, your body will soon replicate the feeling and its energy and manifest indigestion or pain. Psychosomatic symptoms are real and have been researched by doctors and scientific researchers for years. Similarly, the placebo effect is also real, which induces a state of healing. And currently, it’s time to induce positive thoughts and actions in our daily lives, to feel and think better. Beth Ann Debouvre, who takes a keen interest in holistic healing and wellness topics, suggests a few crucial ways to survive the pandemic shock waves.

  1. Accept the inevitable

Escaping from reality never helped anyone. Realize that you are in a challenging time and that there will be scary updates of infection and deaths daily. You have to walk through this fearful phase by forcibly giving yourself reasons to stay better. That way, you can take off the expectation that tomorrow things might get better and harness the power of now.

  •  Consciously stay away from negative thoughts

Stress and anxiety are bound to give rise to nightmares and dreadful speculation concerning your and your loved one’s health! To stop this, deliberately stay away from daily news updates. You don’t need to know the exact number of infections and deaths every day. Stay updated by browsing the news updates once in three days to maintain sanity. Also, keep track of the safety updates and guidelines so that you are well equipped to step out of the house. 

  • Stay connected to people who understand you

Your friends, loved ones, teachers, or colleagues – you must have few people in your life,with whom you enjoy spending time. Ensure you speak to them over phone or email. Take up small challenges with them like completing a book, cooking a meal, or making a craft piece and sharing it online. It will help you stay motivated and invoke positive, creative energy.

  • Speak to a doctor or a counselor when needed

If you aren’t feeling well, speak to your family doctor for guidance instead of reading online articles. Similarly, if you think you are feeling demotivated and might be having borderline depression, you can speak with a counselor. Take expert advice to keep yourself better and active.

Until the world gets free from COVID-19 or develops a way to fight it, you need to tackle yourself with care. The tactics mentioned above will help you live better through this challenging time.