Vi City is an American rapper, songwriter, as well as a film and music producer who co-penned “C.N.F.” With Nelly, co-wrote and featured on “Some Ish” off the number one debut album Banco by Sir Michael Rocks, and co-produced tracks for Young Money with super-producer Rich Skillz. He did all this while writing, performing, and producing his music for The Entourage TV show and film. 

Presently, Vi City is working with Universal Music Publishing Group as a writer and music producer. But aside from that, he also has his film division, Hundreds Entertainment. 

As the founder and CEO of Hundreds Entertainment, Vi City signed a multi-instrumental performing and singing artist “Phoînix Keyz”.

These roles in the music and film industry that Vi City plays attest to his artistic talent and his potential. So it’s no surprise if people would want to follow in his footsteps or see him as an inspiration towards achieving their goals in their respective careers. 

‘Stay True To Yourself’ 

Whether if it’s being an artist or working towards an objective, Vi City advises those who are starting in their career to remain authentic, especially now when people are looking to see the real personality of others to make connections more meaningful. 

“Stay true to yourself. Always do the best you can do to be the best version of yourself,” he said. 

There’s always room for self-improvement even if one is committed to being their authentic selves.

Lastly, and most importantly, Vi City shares that people need to make or create from their souls. This is because they need to realize and feel the purpose of what it is they’re putting out into the world so that others may share the same ideas or motives. 

Caring For Himself 

Vi City holds a lot of responsibility that comes with his role of being a writer and music producer in the Universal Music Publishing Group as well as the founder and CEO of Hundreds Entertainment. 

Holding a lot of roles can become a cause of stress and burnout if he doesn’t keep himself in check. Fortunately, when things get demanding, Vi City knows the importance of making time for himself to work out, meditate, and go out to catch a movie by himself. 

And when obstacles come his way, Vi City identifies them and works toward a viable fix. 

“Every problem has a solution if we research, put in work, and give it time,” he said. 

Get to know more about Vi City through his Instagram page (@iamvicity).