Lights! Camera! Action! And the magic starts to weave. The magic enthralls hundreds, thousands and millions of eyes that stare at the silver screen from the darkness of the cinema hall. Among those many illuminated eyes, there are several starry eyed kids or youngsters who weave a dream in their hearts to hit the same screen one day. Jacob Kyle Young was one of them. It’s just that he also realized and took it upon himself the determination, hard work, struggle for survival in the most competitive space like Hollywood with unflinching dedication and grit. And yes, he made it there and much more beyond that!

 The Texas born had quite a privileged childhood with loving and supportive parents and three siblings. It was a weekly ritual for him to watch two movies with his Dad at Rio 10 Cinema. Needless to say, films had a deep impact on his young mind during his growing years. The movie buff that he was, Jacob also developed a natural affinity towards sports that even won him many accolades, eventually motivating him towards body building. It is actually interesting how this young gun just hopped from one thing to another and succeeded at every attempt so effortlessly.

At merely 21 years of age, Jacob has shot 20 independent films. From being a body building enthusiast who credits himself to have attained it through clean eating and training hard to the top ranking trainer at Gold’s Gym to the multifaceted film and television actor, screenwriter and film producer, Jacob has too many feathers on his hat. Having being selected for diverse roles, he brings to the table a sensitive face that befits the lead role in the Emmy nominated PBS virtual reality film, ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ as well as a body that perfectly defines Captain America. Evidently, the boy is on a roll. But it does not end here. Having started his acting career in ‘The Lurking Man’ for Amazon prime and his producing career with a feature film by the name of ‘My Babysitter the Super hero,’ he has also written a feature film by the name of ‘Reach’ for which they are going to start shooting very soon. Jacob also has to his credit producing and starring in three short films for Amazon Prime namely – ‘Take the Shot’, ‘Get Over it’ and ‘The Descendants.’ These apart, he has also featured in television show ‘Murder Among Friends’ and a film based on a bestselling novel – ‘His Sunrise My Sunset.’

When it comes to Jacob Kyle Young multi-tasking seems to be cake walk. He is the new face of the unstoppable, invincible breed who knows how to achieve every goal that they set their mind upon. Evidently, he is a rising star who is not just making a substantial body of excellent work in films and television but is also inspiring many others to chase their dreams.