Confidence and self-belief. It’s what keeps you going when things get tough. If you believe things will get better and are confident, you can change your outlook and attitude.

We all know that sometimes life makes it tough to believe in yourself and that it feels too hard to find your way out of a tough spot, but take a breath. You can fight back, just like we do at DashKitten.

Let’s look at some power tips to help build your confidence and your belief in yourself.

Believe in YOU

Your first challenge? Grab a pencil and paper, or your favourite note taking app. Make a list of the things that are really great about you? What are the things that make you walk taller?

  • Are you a friend and support to someone in need?
  • Does your smile brighten people’s day?
  • Do you invest time and effort in self-care?
  • Do you share or fundraise to help a cause close to your heart?
  • With just one tick on this list, you should feel totally awesome. Add a second and third for a massive self-esteem boost.
Step Out with Confidence and Write it Down
Five Great Things About Me.

As well as writing down your fantastic talents, a second tactic to try is visualisation, or imagining a stressful or scary event before it happens. This can be a powerful way to build your belief in yourself.

How does visualisation work? Before you enter a meeting or step into a crowded party, imagine yourself acting out the scene. Close your eyes and imagine yourself projecting a feeling of calm and control and imagine everyone admiring the confident person they see walking in.

When you do walk into the room, you own the positive feelings you already imagined. It works.

Be your own Best Friend

Step Out with Confidence 3
A little self care goes a long way towards giving you confidence.

Imagine you are talking to your best friend. What do you say to make them feel good? You tell them they look great, you like their style, their smile is amazing or, where did they get that fabulous jacket?

Now, look in the mirror and be your own best friend. Tell yourself these things, because you are amazing. Push that niggling voice of doubt out the window into the cold. That doubt has no place as you grow in confidence.

Walk Your Own Red Carpet

Self-confident people are great role models. Watch movie stars on the red carpet, or models on the fashion catwalk. You may not have their smart suits and fashionable glamour but you can adopt their attitude.

They take possession of their space. This is what you can do. Speak confidently, hold up your head and make eye contact. Before long you will be stepping out with total confidence because you have made it happen.

You are a confident person.

Confident People Are Kind

One last thing.

Be kind to yourself, and to others. It’s free, and you can make someone’s day, or change a life. With a gesture or quiet act, you can do good and make a positive impact on others.

When you help with a school work project, share a positive tweet on social media, or supporting a colleague with encouraging words before a meeting, these all help their confidence grow.

This confidence bug is catching so spread the self-belief bug as far as you can. This is one bug we all need to catch – right?