Stephanie Jameson chooses Love Over Fear; Why You Need To Make This Bold Move.

Is fear holding you back? You are not alone. At some point along our journey, we all experience fear.  However, making the conscious decision to begin choosing love over fear daily can help you boost your spirit, feel centered, peaceful, and help you grow into your best self.  Stephanie Jameson is teaching the world why everyone ought to embrace this reality. 

Stephanie went through her own initial awakening for a few years before integrating this shift. And guess what? The more she honoured what she felt, the more aligned she became with her mission, the more she remembered what she came here to do and the more opportunities were presented to her to do just that.

Today, she is the owner of  Divine Soul Journey where you are guided to find your way back to the center, are encouraged to drench yourself in your own divinity,  reminded that separation is an illusion and very much empowered to choose love. She has also authored two books, most recently an affirmation book for sensitive and awakening souls called The Happy Empaths Little book of Affirmations, and another book called The Happy Empath’s Workbook, an Amazon Best Seller for spirituality and personal transformation. 

So,  what are a few reasons Stephanie encourages us to choose love over fear? 

Love Over Fear Helps Us Align With More Abundance

The energy of love can birth a spiritual awakening. When you choose love over fear, your natural intuitive abilities are activated, which can help you align with what is meant for you on many levels. Love activates higher energy that lies dormant within all of us. 

For example, have you ever been surrounded by people who are unconditional, compassionate, and positive towards you? You will always feel your spirit lift, the energy exchange is often equal, empowering and freeing. It is this type of energy that allows us to receive intuitive hits more clearly. The feeling of love quickens the flow of energy. When this happens, more clarity is found and epiphanies had. 

Stephanie states that when we live in direct alignment with love, it heightens our state of awareness and allows for consciousness shifts to occur. Our natural intuitive gifts strengthen to a degree that almost seems unfathomable or “illogical” to the human mind. Yet, this transformation still occurs and the more we trust the process, the more abundance we align with. We just have to be willing to take that first step, to trust in what we feel. 

When we harness the energy of love (hope, faith, gratitude, etc..), clarity and insight will always come. If we allow ourselves to get distracted and dwell in fear (worry, anxiety, doubt, etc.. ) we often struggle for clarity. Stephanie suggests that we think ourselves as radios, we have to be tuned in to the right station before we can receive messages. That station / frequency is love. 

Choosing Love Over Fear Can Help You Grow Into Your Best Self

Since Stephanie was young, she always knew on the deepest level that there was more to life than many of us allow ourselves to perceive. Struggling to fit in for most of her life, she never truly felt like she belonged anywhere. Only later in life, when she was moved through her own initial awakening journey and consciousness shifts which led her to choose love over fear, did she realize that she was never supposed to “fit in.”  She felt different for a reason. A “sensitive” from the beginning who was taught to suppress her emotions realized quickly that it was her emotions that were the map she was supposed to follow and despite conditioned beliefs and what a patriarchal household / society had taught her, she realized that her deep sense of feeling/knowing was a gift and that there was a purpose for all she felt. It was about allowing her heart to be the master and training her mind consistently to be the tool that it is to achieve what the heart desired. This was how she found balance. 

Today, Stephanie is an intuitive empath, psychic medium, certified reiki master, and author who works with people around the world daily. Her story has led her to aligning with her purpose. All the experiences that she had encountered from childhood through her adult life had served a purpose and these experiences challenged her to take a good long hard look at those chapters from a higher perspective. When she did this, a transformation occurred. 

Choosing love over fear will test you in more ways than you can imagine, try your patience, challenge your strength, and trigger every wound and perceived weakness. This power move though will help you level up in every possible way. If you are feeling the call, the upgraded version of waiting. 

Choosing Love Over Fear Heals & Leads To Wholeness 

Love heals, it is true that powerful of energy. Stephanie states that when one begins to change their vibrational pattern from fear-based energy to love based energy, it ultimately creates a shift in consciousness for the person being moved through this experience. When this occurs, the heart opens and the ascension process begins. This process leads to healing the inner child, healing codependency, healing karmic patterns, and conditioned beliefs that keep people from trusting in their intuition and living in alignment with the abundance they are truly worthy of. When this process unfolds, it helps the person being moved through this experience come into a place of wholeness and sacred union from within. Essentially, a spiritual and energetic cleansing takes place, allowing for deep and transformational healing to occur. 

If you are currently being moved through this process, take a deep breath, dust yourself off and then allow yourself the opportunity to unlearn everything you thought you knew. Congratulations, you are leveling up. This is what happens when we align with love. 

For more tips on spiritual awakening and choosing love over fear or to connect with Stephanie check her out on  IG  @divinesouljourney or visit her website