Stephanie Jameson : Stop the Noise and Tune into Your Own Vibration.

Have you ever been in a place so loud that you can hardly think straight? Why do you think noise can affect your thought processes? The answer is simple; our minds work better in peace and silence. In the same way, it’s crucial for us to stop the noise and tune in to our own vibration daily.

As the saying goes, silence is full of answers and  Stephanie Jameson advocates for tuning into your energy through daily self-care and implementing energetic boundaries. Stephanie says that many of us often get lost in the noise and when we do this we can lose touch with ourselves and it becomes more difficult to receive clarity that we may be seeking. 

Self Care and Energy Clearing

Stephanie states that our biofield needs clearing, and the body needs grounding to daily. She says that when we are properly grounded, we are energetically centered and this is crucial for tuning into our own vibration. When we are not grounded, we suffer from an energetic imbalance. 

She says daily self care can be implemented in many ways. One practice that Stephanie says has changed her life is using daily mantras and affirmations.  In Stephanie’s second book, The Happy Empath’s Little Book Affirmations, you will find loads of on point affirmations that help the reader ground, clear their energy and upgrade their mindset. 

Stephanie also offers these energy clearing and grounding tips: 

Earthing – Walk barefoot on the ground daily or use grounding pads in your bed or under your desk. 

Follow a healthful diet – Taking in low vibrational foods that are processed can cause anxiety. Eat whole foods that are literally pulled from the ground like carrots, potatoes and broccoli. 

Drink enough water – Our bodies are made up of 75% water, she says naturally staying hydrated is beneficial for energy and balance. She says people who are energetically sensitive like empaths are very drawn towards water. 

Physical exercise – Physical exercise is very grounding such as yoga, hiking, walking or simple gym trips. 

Stepping into our creativity – When we focus on creating something, it forces us to live in the moment. 

Diffuse essential oils / sage or smudge – Using essential oils or sage / palo santo is a great way to shift the energy within our homes. Often people don’t clear the energy in their homes enough, oils and sage are a great way to do this. 

Setting Boundaries

In order to be able to tune in to our own vibration, Stephanie says we often get moved through lessons around setting healthy boundaries. “Boundary setting is an essential part of self care and a normal part of life. Sensitives can struggle with this though until they learn to love themselves as much as they love everyone else.” 

In order for us to set boundaries, we have to set intentions around what we want to experience. Stephanie says she often coaches her clients to identify how they want to be treated and how they want to feel. “Once clarity is found and this intention is set, this is the foundation for all relationships and situations. If there is a person, place or thing is not in alignment with those  intentions.. something has to shift.” 

Stephanie says that there are many things we can do to set healthy boundaries for ourselves but this is a good starting point. 


Stephanie says the daily meditation has completely changed her life and she encourages everyone she works with to try it. She says that there are several ways to meditate. It’s just about finding that right activity that helps you tune into yourself more. For her, this is traditional meditation. She says “It’s important to know that there is no wrong way to meditate. If you go into meditation with the intention of clearing your mind or not thinking, it will not work. It’s about allowing what comes up to come up and flow through you.” Stephanie recommends 25-30 minutes a day for meditation and for beginners 5-7 minutes a day. “If you can work your way up to an hour, you are doing great”. 


Are you ready to stop the noise and get back in touch with your own vibration? Through self-care you can set realistic boundaries as recommended by the intuitive empath, Stephanie Jameson. Get in touch with your energy and watch as you shift to a better you.

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