As much as you might need to experience and revel in the freedoms that come as a company owner, there’s one thing which may be stopping you: perhaps you haven’t completely stepped into your entrepreneur “spotlight” yet. Being at the entrepreneur spotlight is about two things

1-seeing yourself as a successful entrepreneur (mindset), and

2-acting as an effective entrepreneur (business-building actions)

Let us examine these ingredients for stepping in to an entrepreneur spotlight and see how it is possible to begin owning your brilliance.


Frequently, your beliefs and self-image may be for not recognizing how talented you’re to blame. You might already own a company, but you are not yet believing that you can succeed at it. This is all about the messaging happening in your mind. You’ve likely heard the expression, “I’ll believe it when I see it”, and perhaps this is something you have come to accept as well. Are you waiting to appear BEFORE? If so, I’d like to stretch your thinking somewhat, and challenge you to start affirming, “I will see it when I believe it”. In other words, when you really feel that you can be a successful entrepreneur, fresh ideas and opportunities will start presenting themselves to you. The sources and connections are already on your own life, waiting to be energetically aligned with them. Watch yourself as a successful entrepreneur then watch what starts to happen. You’ll amaze yourself!


Believing, affirming and imagining are super significant, but a positive mindset needs to work. This is all about taking ACTION. There may be actions that are unique to your particular business, but generally-speaking, there are things that can certainly help an entrepreneur

• Locating a mentor/coach to work with this shares the outcomes that you need in your business, as well as your beliefs

• Learn how to explain what you do, clearly and effectively

• Be consistent

• Stay consistent by doing something each day to build your business

By focusing on a few of these regions, while avoiding another from time to time, entrepreneurs trip up themselves. Mindset and business-building (aka “marketing”) should do the job hand-in-hand. Thinking of yourself as successful without consistently doing the work that is essential to get there means there are some fears present that are preventing you. Work will leave you feeling out of balance, resentful and frustrated, without doing the mindset. When you bring both of these elements together, however, the wheels will begin turning in your business, and you will not just measure into your entrepreneur place light… you’ll OWN it!

Venture Capitalist and Philanthropist specializing in financial technology. Michael Gastauer is the Founder and Chairman of Gastauer Family Office, a single family office managing over US$10 Billion AUM.