By Kiera-Louise Harrison

·      The gift of Being Multi-faceted – why it’s selfish to hide your authenticity and gifts!

·      The importance of living a life that’s in alignment with your core values

·      Why Imposter syndrome is actually a huge nudge from the universe (In the right direction)

·      How we are ALL HERE TO CONTRIBUTE TO HUMANITY in our own unique way! There is no right or wrong way. There is only each and every soul’s individually aligned way.

The gift of Being multi-faceted – why it’s selfish to hide your authenticity and gifts!

Authenticity is, at heart, the idea that we should make the way we behave on the outside match what we feel on the inside. 

Be yourself — not your idea of what you think somebody else’s idea of yourself should be. 

When you accept the true essence of who you are and show up authentically, it becomes a game changer. You don’t encounter as many obstacles because the Universe doesn’t need to redirect you all the time & you welcome in unseen forces to help naturally guide and move your life forwards.

The things that are meant for you can finally find you, because you’re thinking and being from a place that is true to you. If you imagine the universe as a big jigsaw puzzle, when you’re being your true self you take the shape, you were meant to be and so you can slot in with the other things that were meant.

Our soul wants us to be in our own unapologetic, radiant flow. Not copying what someone else is doing or feeling like we must live up to a societal standard that drains our energy.

And this is a good point to mention manifestations; When EVER you’re wanting something and it’s just. not. coming to you, it’s always because you’re not being true to your authentic nature.

I think so many of us have forgotten that we are meant to be fully expressed on the human plane.

We all have our own unique gifts and talents that are meant to be shared with the world.

When we aren’t being true to who we are, we hold back, we stay small and instead of sharing them, we end up keeping our gifts hidden.

Actually, this is one of the most selfish things we can ever do!

Because not only are you depriving yourself of feeling in alignment with your own truth, which Is part of your reason for being here, but you actually deprive the world of your magic.

It not only diminishes you and others, but you miss out on the joy of sharing, the uplifting feeling of making a difference, and the self-improvement that naturally comes from practicing what you do best.

You see It doesn’t matter how you bring your gifts to light; it matters that you do.

Sharing who you are enriches everyone.

There isn’t a person on the planet that doesn’t have something they can enrich the lives of others with. Whether it’s your smile, sense of humour, your creativity or entrepreneurial skills, you offer something that can enhance the world.

And if you think about life, it’s been so impeccably designed –

the things that FEEL good to us have been intrinsically mapped out that way to guide us into our highest alignment.

The way you’d secretly like to do it IS THE WAY the Universe wants you to do it – that’s why it made it appealing to you. 

Walking someone else path will never be the long-term solution to our own magic and power. The universe will always push us to be original.

You can trust that when you follow what makes you feel good it will bring you exactly where you need to be.

The importance of living a life that’s in alignment with your core values

Right from the day we are born, the world floods us with messages about who we should be in order to survive and thrive, but In actual fact, the same advice is not correct for everybody.

We all have a vision of what we want from our lives, big or small, we all have our own ideals.

The thing about success is it isn’t the same for each of us, nor should it be. The important thing is to get clear on what it means to you and then create a life or business that aligns with YOUR goals and values

And I think as a coach one of the biggest things with clients is helping them get really clear on defining THEIR version of success, so not their parents, societies or a version they think they should have.

The trouble is for most people they know what they want but may not be AWARE of what they want, so they may not be aware of what’s actually important to them, and that’s where it becomes helpful to really know your values.

You see this most commonly in areas of like relationships and work.

So like if you aren’t enjoying your job, its either that you are working out of the wrong skill set OR probably most likely, the role isn’t aligning with your core values.

For example, if you’re a person that values integrity and you are selling something you don’t believe in, or if you value family and spending time with your kids but you’re working 90 hours a week – neither of these things are going to make you feel good.

But when things are aligned with your values they flow.

Values become good pillars for big decisions and the directions we want to steer our lives in.  

And If you’re asking about “How do I find my purpose” which is one of these big questions so many people speculate in life

When we break it down, finding your purpose is actually a lot simpler than what we think, at the core, it’s about understanding what you love and what your values are, then aligning your life to live in support of that.

Why imposter syndrome is actually a huge nudge from the universe (in the right direction)

Imposter syndrome is almost an internal experience of believing that you aren’t good enough or as competent as others may perceive. I guess it’s feeling like a fraud or like you don’t belong on the mental level.

It can show up a few different ways, probably the most common to identify are:

  • through perfectionism, fixating on flaws and always feeling like you can do better
  • inferiority to others or comparison
  • being an expert, always feeling like you want to learn more, but under-rating your own expertise ever though your highly skilled
  • through setting lofty goals for yourself but then feeling crushed if you don’t succeed on your first try
  • rejecting help from others because you see it as a sign of weakness.

For me, I realised that it was showing up through perfectionism and a fear of being seen. So – in my business, filming tutorials and wanting to have everything perfect in a programme before I can launch it. I actually found I was procrastinating because of my own high standards and judging myself like who’s going to want to hear what I have to say or who’s going to want to watch my video.

And it’s funny,

The Universe is one heck of a talented designer… it crafts every single situation that you find yourself in as the perfect set-up for you to become the next level version of you.

You are set up to ascend – we all are!

 I remember when this fear of being seen came up for me I knew at my core I either step forward into growth, or backwards into safety.

So, do I want the things I dream about or not?

Because if I want them, they are on the other side of these limiting beliefs, thoughts or actions and I only I get to decide if I overcome them.

Imposter syndrome is just a part of being human and it’s going to pop up every time you lean in or step into a new growth edge.

Don’t be afraid to evolve and choose who you want to BE at each new level.

So, when it comes up. Embrace it and just know it’s a signpost from the universe that you are growing.

And I’m biased but I believe growth should always be celebrated

We are meant to GROW and evolve, to make shifts and move through the glass ceilings in our lives.

This human realm is all about learning, its earth school and we get to uncover and test out what is and isn’t really “us” so we can become who we are meant to BE all along   

Our life lessons and experiences are our soul’s curriculum and are where we can learn to build trust and connect with others and who we really are.

How we are ALL HERE TO CONTRIBUTE TO HUMANITY in our own unique way! There is no right or wrong way. There is only each and every soul’s individually aligned way.

Who we all are is the fabric of life.  

There is no one guaranteed recipe for success that the world can give you.

I’d say decide how YOU want your recipe to look, and then try that out.

Trust that the way you dream of doing it IS THE WAY you’re meant to do it.

There is no right or wrong way.

We can make it look however we like as long as it adds value to the world in a way we are uniquely qualified to.

The way that feels most fun and easy to you is actually the road you’re designed to take – that’s why the universe made it feel that way.

You don’t need to have a master plan to master your life.

Just focus on being the best version of you that you can be. Focus on showing up in a way that would make you proud of yourself and that brings you joy.

So much of our suffering comes from the belief that we have to do things in a way that is different from the way our spirits would love too.

Trust your secret wishes, they are the signposts you should be following for reasons you can’t even see yet.

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