Termination of employment is the end of work from a company. Below are steps that should be taken before terminating an employee:

Write a note

The only way to prove something is through documentation. Otherwise, it will seem as though it never happened. No matter how insignificant or informal it is, write it down. Keep documentation of any action taken before termination. The more documents you have, the more prepared you are when discussing termination with the employee.

Communicate clearly

All employees should be given job descriptions that outline their duties, even if it’s not formal. Functions and responsibilities should be stated clearly to each member and disciplinary measures should be outlined. Communicate corrective action and termination if need be. Each time the employee is in the wrong, he should be notified regarding his behaviors.

Be a good coach

Ensure you give appropriate feedback to demonstrate what is wrong and right through coaching. Coaching should be done to all employees. They should be encouraged to understand their progress before disciplinary action is taken against them or they are terminated.

Initiate a performance improvement plan

A performance improvement plan acts as a guide in solving problems and giving clear goals about what’s expected to improve. In some instances, verbal communication could be the better way to go. Use it to address things like attendance, communication, and other issues. Give a reasonable time for improvement. Some problems are less complex to handle than others. Write the conversation and plan. An employee should sign a document to acknowledge they understand. Have meetings and ensure every conversation is documented.

Conduct written communication

If things are getting out of hand, the next move is written counseling. It should state the areas where the employee has made mistakes and needs correction. Outline areas of improvement and how one should accomplish it. The document needs to explain that progress should be immediate, recognizable, and sustainable.

Terminate Employment

One can put in a lot of effort to assist their employees, and still see no improvement. It is the best opportunity to retrieve the documents showing how much help has been offered to the employee without change.

Before termination, review all the documents. It is prudent to contact a legal advisor or Human Resource representative to review the decision. Termination decisions can be supported and justified by the team.

Release the employee transparently and honestly, showing areas not worked on despite numerous reminders. Termination can be straightforward if documentation is available.