Raised within a family seasoned in the dazzling universe of nightlife and entertainment, Steven always tried to evolve within an ever-changing world. His father had opened the legendary Number One disco in Northern Italy back in 1978, his mother operates today an enormous restaurant there, and himself managed the club for a while, bringing coveted names on stage, and the decks (6ixnine, Farruko, Rich the Kid, Gunna, Alesso, Steve Aoki, Afrojack, Nicky Romero, Axwell, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, Bob Sinclar, and others). Yet the most important thing to him was to create something from scratch and come up with new ideas that would give him a sense of accomplishment from a very young age. In his 20s, he started traveling abroad (Hong Kong, Miami, Dubai, Shanghai, Las Vegas, Los Angeles), and this took him outside his immediate family, local community, and comfort zone. He started thinking of what he could do next, and he soon felt the freedom of choice. Once you liberate yourself from other people’s ill-intentioned opinions, you become creative. Born in the early 90s, Steven has this fearless attitude.

Technology drove him to different crossroads, diving into the digital universe and communicating with young people such as partner SAMI Baid who was just 16 when they exchanged ideas first via social media and then in real life. It seems that Steven was always open to discussion, and he was drawn to market trends. Yet the most crucial fight he had to give was to find the right people to work with. The human factor in the business world is of paramount importance. Your dream team has to tune in with your goals and aspirations. Steven is quite driven, motivated by his vision to succeed on an international level, travel the world, and meet new people.

Early enough, he opened his own discos, and through them, he nailed international connections. Again his personal achievements came down to a network of people, the human factor. Social media were instrumental in the rapid increase of his contacts, helping him reach out to a greater audience. Yet he soon learned through trial and error, that your relationship with the customers and coworkers has to be one of mutual respect and trust. His winning mindset abides with that of other people looking to pay for the best products and services. This strongly applies to the ever-changing world of digital marketing and e-commerce he is working on. You have to have a deep appreciation of the needs of others, and keep your feet on the ground, even when you get your first 500K for a month’s work, at a very young age.

When your family already has a successful business, it requires extra work and motivation to shift into other markets and adventures. Still, Steven feels that the highest satisfaction comes with building something on your own. For that matter, he decided to create A to Z business courses like his first one called “Drop Evolution,” sharing with aspiring businessmen real-life examples from his incredible journey. He adamantly supports the idea that you will only fail when you decide to quit, which means that giving up is just an excuse. Nothing is unattainable if you fix your mind into it. Steven tries to show that reaching the goal is the result of great effort, so we should better focus on the hard work preceding the triumphant conclusion. Launching his course, he aims at explaining to people that an accomplished person is not just the sum of their abilities and talents. Determination and a huge appreciation of the human factor come first. Steven’s guide to self-esteem is genuinely enlightening. He doesn’t want to compete with others; instead, he wants to become a better person, raising the bar even more.   

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