Serving in the Army is one of the most unique experiences for every soldier. This job cannot be compared to any other job in the world and defies every concept of a job.

The amount of satisfaction you get from serving your country cannot be compared with anything else.

But like every other thing in the world, there are good and bad sides to serving in the Army.

One of the biggest truths of the Army is a high prevalence of Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) in Army veterans. This is an important topic that we believe needs attention, and in this article, we discuss it.

We will express what Steven Kelly has to say about PTSD in Army Veterans.

Who is Steven Kelly?

Steven Kelly is a full-time soldier serving in 29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery. He has trained and instructed weapons, Survival and Bushcraft skills in the British Army for 18 years, working in Afghanistan, Norway, Sierra Leone, and numerous other countries. 

His 18 years of service in the Army was full of numerous events that completely changed his perspective on life.

He met numerous soldiers who had faced a lot of harsh conditions, which directly impacted their lives.

He understands what soldiers have to go through in the Army and is one of the best persons to talk about PTSD in Army veterans.

Why does this Happen in the first place?

Soldiers have to go through a lot of things and incidents during service, which takes a toll on their mental health.

Fights, harsh conditions, life-death situations, assaults of various kinds are just some of the things which soldiers have to go through.

When your body comes out of Trauma, it can react in a lot of ways. Soldiers many a time also face many kinds of irreparable losses, and this is what makes being a soldier a special citizen of the country.

What happens in PTSD?

PTSD can have a lot of symptoms, and these can increase or decrease with time, depending on how they are dealt with.

These symptoms have the power to impair daily life. 

Some of the symptoms include:

●       Nightmares

●       Difficulty in Sleeping

●       Flashbacks of particular incidents, and

●       Few more symptoms

How to deal with it?

Steven, after witnessing a lot of things in the Army, also knows about some very practical ways that can help people who have PTSD.

With the right approach and steps, conquering PTSD is not that hard, and you can return to your everyday happy life Free of PTSD.

The most important Thing

The most important thing to deal with PTSD is taking therapy from experts. Steven talks about various things that you can adopt to fight PTSD, but it is essential to have expert professionals on your side.

Numerous professional therapists have successfully helped thousands of Army veterans fight PTSD. These professionals can guide you about the best ways to solve your problems.

If you haven’t yet consulted a professional, it is time to do that right now!


Meditation is one of the most potent ways to conquer your mind’s negativity and fill it with positive vibes.

Meditation is also one of the best solutions for PTSD!

There are many types of meditation programs that you can follow, so make sure to do some research before starting your schedule.

Start with some Physical Activities

Numerous studies and experiments have been conducted on this topic and have found out about the positive effects of physical activities for people fighting with PTSD.

You can start with some physical activities you love and also try out the ones known for the best results in case of PTSD.

The power of Therapies

There are a lot of Therapies that are known for remarkable recoveries for Veterans who have PTSD.

Some of these include Aroma Therapy, Art Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy and others.

You can look for the details of all these Therapies and find the one you would like to get involved with.

These Therapies are one of the most effective and interesting ways of solving the symptoms and issues of PTSD!


Make sure to make yourself a priority and divide your time into all the things listed above to fight PTSD.

It can be really hard to deal with the symptoms but believe me, there are better times ahead, and you will surely get over it to enjoy the best days of your Future life!!!