A new year, a new you; as the saying goes. When New Year comes around, everyone is excited to start it off right by making resolutions. This is a great time to get pumped for a fresh start and set healthy goals for ourselves. Many people aim to eat healthier and exercise more often, although these are great goals, many people fail to stick with them. 

If you are looking to make healthy New Year’s resolutions, here are a few tips to make sure you stick with them all year round:

Start Off Small

Usually, when people make resolutions to commit to a healthier lifestyle, they aren’t used to exercising or eating. When they make these resolutions, they make the mistake of launching a whole new lifestyle far too quickly. They’ll aim to exercise every day and start off strong, but this will quickly fade a fast. In order to make it stick and become a habit, it’s important to take baby steps. Start by adding more fruit to your diet or committing to not drinking soda every day. Then you can move on to bigger accomplishments the longer you go on. 

Share Your Goals

Holding yourself accountable can be tough. It’s easy to slack off if there is no one there to support you and help you through the difficult humps. A great way to combat this is by sharing your goals and progress. Let friends and family know that you are looking to become healthier, and you will have a huge crowd there to support you and cheer you on. It’s also a good idea to join programs and groups to gain even more accountability. It helps to have others working towards similar goals for optimal support along your fitness and health journey. 

Do Not be Discouraged

When making the resolution to be healthier in the New Year, you have a specific end goal in mind. There is no doubt that there will be mistakes and missteps along the way. When this happens, it’s imperative to not be discouraged or beat yourself up. Mistakes happen and it is better to accept it, then move on and keep trying. Many make the mistake of being too upset with themselves and then they just give up. It’s better to make a few mistakes here and there than giving up completely.

Becoming a healthier and happy you is an achievable resolution.  Make sure to follow these tips to ensure you stick with your goals throughout the year and for years to come.