Sticking to Your Philanthropic New Years Resolution - Sarah Laud

When we think of New Year’s resolutions, most of us think about the underused gym membership or the short-lived pledge to eat healthier. There is another way to use this resolution; as a way to help others.

It’s true that when we make promises to just ourselves, we are more likely to break them than if we are making promises to other people who can hold us accountable. Making a philanthropic New Year’s resolution can pave the way for a brighter future for others and a greater feeling of self-worth and accomplishment.

Here are a few ways of making sure you stick to those promises without them meeting the same grim fate as that unused January gym membership.

Have an End Goal in Sight

One of the biggest reasons people fail to carry out their New Year’s resolutions, philanthropic or not, is the lack of a definite goal. Without an end goal in sight, how can you know where you’re going? You would be like a ship sailing to an unknown and unidentified harbor. Knowing exactly what you’d like to accomplish will help you make a path to get there and serve as a benchmark to see if you have gotten there!

Plan Exactly how you will Reach That Goal

Having a goal is great, but a goal without a precise plan of action is just a wish. Having the goal, and a definite course of action, coupled with the desire to accomplish, is a sure-fire way to keep your resolution.

Make it Public

If you keep your New Year’s resolution private, you will only have to hold yourself accountable. While this may seem like it’s enough, we are more likely to abandon our goal if no one else knows about it or holds us accountable. If you are sure of a philanthropic goal, tell the world about it! This will put you in a position of having to keep to your word. After all, letting yourself down is one thing; letting down others is an entirely different ballgame.

By having an end goal in sight, creating a plan of action, and making this intention public, you will give yourself a far greater chance of sticking to this resolution. Now go out there this New Year and make the world a better place!