How to Get Maximum results

Sometimes it happens that you struggle a lot for something but not get the right results. You’re not satisfied with your productivity and you want to maximize it. If it is so then you must read this article first. 

Because I am gonna share the thing you are missing.

Suppose you are a sales manager of your company and you are not getting the sales and you are worried about it.

Or you want to get your body in shape, but you are not getting the appropriate results after efforts.

Maybe you started a company, and it’s difficult for you to run that business and compete with the others. You don’t know what to do why someone else is getting results, and you aren’t.

You seem to be trying hard insanely, your intelligence level is much better than others, but still, you are not getting things done. Under such circumstances, you must stop and think for a while to sort out what is missing and not let you get the best results.

In most of the cases, I have found that there are very typical reasons that I am gonna share here.

I am but sure that you will find your missing thing here.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. – Budha

So is the case with me, when I started working on personal development, then I started noticing everything that was stopping me achieving my goals.

I was not doing the things properly and appropriately and it was the main reason that was not letting me maximize the productivity of my efforts.

So I found that there are the main three reasons that stop people succeeding.

  1. They don’t learn first
  2. They don’t do appropriately
  3. They don’t organize the things

They don’t learn first – The most important question that I usually ask from people, I am asking from you as well. Whatever your goal is whatever do you want to achieve in your life, did you learn to make that specific thing happen?

In most of the cases, the answer is, no.

It means you cannot get the maximum results from your efforts.

Tony Robbins (the best life caoch) has said that there are two ways to learn.

  1. Learn from your mistakes.
  2. Learn from others mistakes.

If you didn’t learn that required skill, for example, if you didn’t learn how to make sales, if you didn’t learn how to get the body into shape or lose weight and if you didn’t learn how to run a company then you are wasting your time – at least.

You must remember that time is precious. You must value it.

That’s the fact that if you will keep trying then you will succeed someday. Consistency never disappoints you. But if you stop here and learn the required skills on which your upcoming days are depending then it will save your time.

I have learnt from Dean Graziosi (the best business coach) that if you don’t learn from others mistakes and you keep making mistakes on your own then and the only thing you must remember is that life is too short.

Don’t waste it to learn the leant and understood by your own. Use other’s experience to save time.

They don’t do appropriately – The next question that arises here if you have learned from the right person? If you have learnt to run a business or to get traffic from social media, from where did you learn it? Was that person or the company the best in the field or not? In short, did you learn from experts?

Because what an expert can teach you no one else can do.

If you see that a person is successful in a field and he is well established in that field then you must learn from that person. Because what he will tell you is, what you should do and what you shouldn’t. He will teach you why some people fail to achieve life goals why some people are not able to maximize productivity.

Here is an example that can help you to understand what I am saying.

For example, you learnt from somewhere that social media marketing is necessary for your business. You started making a post on Pinterest and Twitter. And still, you are not getting the traffic.

  1. What an expert can teach you are:
  2. Do research for your competitors what they are doing.
  3. What keywords are the user for you their products?
  4. Find the best time when all of your audience is online.

It’s not a difficult job to answer these three questions. You can easily get the answers to the questions.

Here, in this case, you can notice that you were doing social media marketing but you were not getting the results. 

An expert-taught you how you can maximize productivity and then you are able to get the maximum results.

They don’t organize the things – This is another thing that is one of the most important factors in success.

People who are successful in their lives are well organised. They are aware of the formula, First Things First, and that’s why they are getting maximum results.

Maybe you are missing this factor.

You are not maximizing productivity because you are not well organised in your work. If you are in too much confusion about what to do and what you should not. Because you notice that the time is short and you have a lot of things to do.

But this isn’t a fact.

Everyone has 24 hours but the main difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people are well organised.

If you have any other reason that you think that can be a hurdle in someone’s success then you must appear in the comment box.