In today’s day and age, people across the globe have embraced the idea of shopping online. The online shopping market size is approximately 4 trillion dollars as of 2020. People in the United States of America are becoming increasingly tech-savvy as well, where more than 90% of the country shops online. Rachel Choy, a veteran of the fashion industry and reputed personal shopper, shares insights on how digital stylists can help customers navigate the labyrinth of shopping both online and off. 

Have Faith in Your Personal Shopper

Though it may sound extremely easy, being a personal shopper entails a plethora of responsibilities that go far beyond merely shopping. Apart from shopping, digital stylistsrequire extensive and in-depth knowledge of the industry. Whetherworking closely with multiple brands and forming a strong rapport with sales representatives orkeeping tabs on the latest trends and finding rare outfits, your personal shopper is an expert who makes it all look easy. A personal shopper knows precisely how it feels when you’ve shopped ‘till you dropped. They spend most of their time on the ground, flitting from one store to the other. When your digital stylist recommends a store, outlet, or brand, they know what they’re talking about.

Digital Stylists Aren’t as Expensive as You Think

Most people have a preconceived notion that hiring a personal shopper is most likely an expensive affair that only the wealthy can afford. While personal shoppers do cater to celebrity clients and HNIs, you don’t need to be a business tycoon to hire one. Most people view personal shoppers as a luxury that they can’t afford. A digital stylist can help you find the best quality outfits that will last for years on end, rather than purchasing a substandard product that fades fast. They can help you manage your wardrobe, stick to your budget, and save you a ton of money, all in one fell swoop.

Rediscover Yourself 

We all tend to stay within our comfort zone. Your digital stylist will encourage you to step outside thiszone and try something new. If you have an urge to experiment but aren’t sure if it will suit you, that’s where your digital stylist comes in. Try out those bold colors, sport a plunging neckline, or go the extra mile and opt for a complete makeover – the choice is yours. Your digital stylist can help you transform yourself, and the best part is, they will make sure you look amazing at the end of it all. Personal shoppers convince clients to drop their inhibitions and take that leap of faith. Digital stylists pride themselves in their ability to help people become confident, outgoing, and self-reliant. It’s one of the most integral aspects of being a digital stylist.

The Formation of a Bond

Over time, your digital stylist becomes somebody that you trust. You rely on them in a variety of situations. From sharing fashion advice to battling fashion emergencies, you can be at ease when you know somebody’s got your back. Your digital stylist/personal shopper is well acquainted with your habits, tastes, preferences, and tendencies. From dealing with a lousy hair-day to planning ahead of time, shopping becomes an enjoyable experience when you choose to work with a seasoned professional.

A New Perspective

When you choose to work with a digital stylist/personal shopper, they help you understand yourself better. From understanding what suits your body type to learning how to carry yourself better, your digital stylist will give you a lot of advice that goes beyond simply shopping. They will help you improve upon areas that were often left neglected, such as choosing a perfume that suits you best or walking flawlessly in high-heeled stilettos. They offer you new insights, good advice, and the confidence to become the best version of yourself. 

Whether you’re strapped for time, work within a budget, or you don’t know where to begin, a digital stylist can help you discover the real you. From standing out in the crowd, to finding rare ensembles, digital stylists have a lot to offer. Rachel firmly believes in quality over quantity. Rather than stuffing your closet with unnecessary outfits, a digital stylist can help clear your mind as well as your wardrobe.


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