Guilt is an emotion that we’re wired to feel to let us know that we are off our moral compass. You’re shaming yourself. As stated in one of the books four agreements is always do your best. As long as you are staying connected to yourself and your being present, the difference is that when you’re feeling and experiencing within yourself shame and guilt, it’s a very low-level vibration. You’re going to be beating yourself up and you’re not going to be present. You’re so much better off by pushing the guilt aside and saying, “I have nothing to feel guilty about. I’m not doing this or that. I’m not doing anything intentionally to hurt anybody. There is no need for me to beat myself up or shame myself or give myself guilt beatings.”

Don’t beat up your-self. Another way of also looking at it is being more self-confident in what you bring to others or to the table and knowing that as you work on yourself, confident, you’re good with what you are doing. Again, you are enough. When we are guilting someone, we bring it in shame. When we have shame in our bodies, our shame tanks get full. You’re not feeling good inside of yourself. You’re shaming yourself. You’re beating yourself up. You want to escape yourself. You go drink coffee, eat sugar, or whatever it is. You’re addicted to the electronics or any of these other things to escape yourself. We have a choice in what we say to other people, the energy that we give out. We have a choice when other people are doing that to us. If someone’s playing the victim role and they want us to rescue and we’re not rescuing them, they try to guilt us into doing what they want us to do. We always have that choice. Tip is to Be Aware. Notice where is it coming from.

You have choice how do you want to feel. I think guilt is enough. Let’s move on. We don’t want to stew in it. Be aware we’re doing it and choose to do something else.

“We All Have A Choice”