When the relationship falls apart, even if the person himself wants it, the separation is very difficult. To survive a breakdown without falling into deep depression , pull yourself together and follow the time-tested recommendations of psychologists.

1. Let yourself be sad

Is your relationship over? Then allow yourself to be a little sad, and do not try to be distracted right away, not paying attention to what happened, having gone headlong into work. Lock yourself at home and listen to your favorite music or call friends to visit, speak out, cry into someone else’s vest at last! However, do not get carried away and, locked in four walls, do not tune in for a long time to cherish the loss.

No wonder the phrase is relevant at all times: when one door is locked, another opens. Remember this. A break is better than an exhausting and destructive relationship in which both partners suffer .

2. Burn all bridges

Knowing that the relationship has ended and it is impossible to renew it, get rid of everything that is associated with them: gifts, photos, things reminiscent of previous relationships. You can, of course, dramatically get rid of a donated ring or a gold bracelet, but do not rush to extremes. Valuable gifts can be returned to your former lover, handed over to a pawnshop or put together with the general photos in a distant box, making a promise to yourself not to look there for six months or a year.

Do not console yourself with the hope that people will part again after breaking up. Suddenly no one leaves. Your husband may rush out of a house after a spontaneous quarrel and go to a friend, but he will definitely return. Such emotional moments even strengthen the marriage. But the breakdown of a long relationship occurs consciously – this decision is made on a cold head, in a calm state.

3. Ask loved ones for help

You have no idea how to survive a breakup with your loved one yourself? This is not necessary. Frequent communication with friends, pals and colleagues will help to save you from unnecessary worries. Alternatively, you can turn to a psychologist or start communicating in social networks with people who have managed to successfully survive a breakup.

Do not hide that you feel bad, do not hesitate to ask for advice or help. It is better than, being locked in yourself, to undermine your mental state and become depressed.

4. Find a reason to rejoice

Talking about how to survive a breakup with a loved one, psychologists advise finding a way to cheer yourself up. You can do what you love, start repairs at home, arrange daily “development and change time” for yourself – it will be a trip to the gym, to courses or trainings , reading books or writing poetry. Such pleasant things will help you get distracted and charge you with a positive.

5. Be irresistible

After parting, people can regain the meaning of life and be happy, and therefore do not put an end to yourself. Many women make a big mistake in such a situation: they stop monitoring their appearance. But sadness is nevertheless more pleasant with a beautiful manicure and impeccable styling. Do you want to start a new relationship after breaking up or, conversely, return your husband? Or do you need nobody and want to live for yourself? In any case, stay on top. Regularly visit a beauty salon, gym, change hair style, do yoga or take a massage course.

how to survive a breakup with a loved one

6. Set new goals

How to survive a breakup with a man and forget about him? Conduct an audit of your plans, because when we are two, we follow common guidelines and constantly compromise. If you wanted to go on a trip , and your loved one was against it, then now it is time to pack your bags. You did not dare to quit and change your profession or, for example, to buy a car? Act! Now no one will bother you. You can start a new life with sites like omegle. Why? Here you can find interesting people, and you can even make friends with someone!

Understand the main thing – your life depends only on you. And you decide what it will be.

7. Experiment

A new relationship or getting rid of pain after parting will not keep you waiting if, instead of falling into depression, you will enjoy life, develop, attend events. Bold experiments will help you with this. For women, this is a cardinal change in image; for men, it is moving or buying new furniture. Or did you secretly dream to dance, but were shy?

8. Sorry and let go

It is difficult for a woman thinking about how to survive a breakup with a man that she can forgive him. Wait. But over time, such a moment will invariably come. You will feel that you forgive and release the person, because you respect his choice and do not wish him harm.

After the breakup, you should not pursue a person and try to find out which of the two of you is to blame. Keep your dignity and do not forget about pride. Do not avenge the offense inflicted on you – so you will let your former lover understand that he is right in his decision to leave you. It is better to leave the relations that have ended in the past, perceiving them as a stage of development on the path to the better.