In life, it is very good to focus and take your business very serious but is also advisable to give rooms to
other things that partake to life. Life is fun and a life void of fun will not last. No matter how serious you
are dedicated to your job or work, stop taking yourself so damn serious. A lot of things elude you when people understand that you are this type that is damn too serious. There are more to life than being too serious in life.
No matter how busy you are, create time for other things, create time for fun, create time for your
family, friends and also time to meet people.
If you are just too focus and dedicated to your job or a particular area, you will lose out in other areas.
When you create time to mix up, ideas that can change your stories can be communicated to you. I have had an occasion when I went to the church with a troubled heart. I had a big challenge that I was
thinking of the way out. That faithful day, it was as if someone told the preacher about me, his sermon
that particular day was the solution that I needed. I left the church that particular day blessed. This
example above can only happen when you take time to mix up.
Your life is not tied to a particular job or area, stop being too serious about it. if you give yourself a few
hours or days as break that it will not fold-up. Make out time for fun, make out time for other things.
Stop been attach to a particular thing and stop being too serious about it. If you spend all of your time in
that particular thing, you will die and leave it. Your life needs to be enjoyed. Catch fun because life is
fun. Catching the fun and getting yourself involved in other better things will make you last longer.
My dear, what matters more in this life is how healthy you are and for you to stay healthy, make time for everything. Let there be time for your job, time for fun, and time for everything. If you can live your life this way, you will enjoy this life and have a longer life to enjoy yourself. Let everything be done at
their own time, not substituting other things for a particular thing. Substituting other things for a
particular thing will only make you a genius in that particular thing and failure in other areas.
Knowledge is power, what you know you know, what you don’t know you don’t know. It is better to be
average in all than to be a genius in a particular area but a failure in other areas. How will it sound that
you are good in your job but your marital life is a total failure? Consider this and lose yourself. Stop
being too serious and attached to a particular thing, give room to other things and try always to have
fun. When you have time for everything, you can never be a novice in any area.