Everybody has to learn somewhere and this is either by studying educational material or by learning from other people. We have all done both and it is indeed the best way to learn. When entrepreneurs learn business skills, they are mostly gained by experience and that experience is by interacting with colleagues, business partners, and other contacts. It is very common for
entrepreneurs to then start to mimic the habits, methods and mannerisms of these other people they are learning from. After all, It’s only human nature to mimic the people that give influence the
most and it just seems “the right way to do it”.
This “Right way” can often lead to people changing to try to become more like other people they look up to or respect. This is fine as long as it is in small doses. Unfortunately it is easy for some people to go too far and to try to mimic other people or to try to be some sort of clone. The lose their uniqueness and sense of self because they try too hard to gain success by mimicking other successful people they have met. They might think that mimicking a successful person means that success will come to them as well. Unfortunately this is far from true.
In business as well as everyday life, you will find people will want to be with you or to work with you.
The reason is because these people see something unique in you that appeals to them and that draws them to you. It is your uniqueness which gives you the ability to shine.
If you try to be exactly like someone else, all you will find you get are problems and dead ends in your life as well as your business. The truth is you are you! There is nobody else like you and to try to be someone else is simply not possible. By all means learn from successful people you meet and know, but you should always remember that deep inside of your consciousness and brain, you are, and will only ever be one person – YOU.
Real success will only come when you are true to yourself. There is a greatness inside of everybody.
The hard part is to find out and learn about your specific greatness. Everybody has one, you just need to find yours.
We are all constantly learning about ourselves. It takes a lifetime and even then, some people still don’t know themselves very well at all. These sort of people will never attain success because without knowing themselves, they can never have any direction.
As an entrepreneur, it is very easy to punish yourself for not attaining the goals and dreams you once set out to get. But don’t be so hard on yourself. Give yourself time out occasionally to recharge.
Say to yourself that when you’re working, try to be fully focused on the tasks ahead but you must also give yourself time to step away from your work. During this rest time, try to not think about
your work at all. Give yourself some time out and try to fully relax. Making yourself think about business 24/7 is no life at all. Overworking will reduce your ability to be creative and fully focused.
Your productivity will be reduced and working too long will mean you may find even simple tasks a challenge.

The important thing is to be yourself, but to be the version of yourself that has all the best bits of your mentors and colleagues you learn from. There is a place in this world for a version of you with all the business skills and techniques you have learnt from others. Keep going in this direction and you will find success. Tell yourself that you BELIEVE you’re worthy of this success. You don’t need to suffer to get it. It will come soon enough as long as you keep being true to yourself and maintain your path towards that success.
You are the best version of you that this world has, and success is waiting for that exact copy of yourself, not just someone trying to mimic others.