Let me tell you a quick story about another personal stylist who was well established in Singapore when I started out in my career in Image Consulting all those years ago.

I was in total awe of her, as she always looked beautiful (she had modelled previously), her website looked amazing and she seemed to be always rushing off to meet a new client while I was lucky to get the odd client here and there.
While I did my best to stay in my own lane and focus on building my own audience, I did despair at times thinking I would never be as perfect as her.???

Several years later, I met the same lady after her second child.
We both had two boys at that stage and had a lot in common as you can imagine.
We met at the same play gym with our boys one day and ended up having a huge chin wag.

She ended up confiding in me that she planned to leave her image consulting career and planned on going back into finance as she was tired of trying to get clients all the time and look perfect while doing it!!
I was well established at this stage and had a steady flow of clients so I was rather shocked to hear how she had struggled over the years.

The thing I really want you to take away from this story is that just because you see other consultants looking perfect or having the perfect Instagram grid doesn’t mean they are having it any easier than you.

My advice 15 years in… stop trying to be perfect, don’t bother copying anyone else and instead establish what you are good at and who you are ideally suited to help.
Once you are clear on that, business will flow.