Maybe this isn’t the time to take on all the things you feel you should be doing during a pandemic. If you feel inclined, go for it! But if you don’t feel like tackling all the tasks languishing on your to-do list, that’s ok. This includes starting a meditation practice.

Meditation should not be something that adds to your overwhelm. You have enough to process right now. However, you do want to be taking breaks from the constant flow of fear. Whether you’re on the front lines, homeschooling your children, or digesting a regular stream of apocalyptic news broadcasts, taking a break can be as simple as taking a breath. 

A Happy Warrior Exercise: Find little moments in your day, 30 seconds here, 60 seconds there, to Stop: Breathe, and simply focus on your breath. During this time you are choosing to take a step back and observe your thoughts, so that you can manage your energy and create space for more self-love, happiness, and inner peace…

One breath at a time. #stayhome #staysafe #stayhealthy