For me story telling is more for my own sanity, reassurance and echo of positivity than for others to concur. The stories we tell shape who we are and what we become; how we see others and the world and how we construct our ‘reality.’

So here is a story from Greece- 

The trek to Red Beach in Akrotiri, Santorini was a task. It was a downhill trek on a rugged trail which required the agility of a mountain goat. After 45 minutes of cautious ‘cat walking’, this was the sight of Heaven.

Looking around and forming my own stories of people, place or thing is my guilty pleasure. And while I was indulging in the same, a sort of ‘sea people community’ caught my sight. With spring under my feet, I went to the group to drop a Hi. We started talking…

It was indeed a sort of a indigenous community of Greece. While we were discussing culture, a chirpy lad from the community told me about a tradition that the community beholds personally.

The tradition was of – ‘Star Stories from Astronomical Traditions’. At the end of the day, the community (75 in number) would gather under a canopy of tens of thousands of stars and seek inspiration, guidance and eternal truth. The community believed that there far to many constellations than the 88 constellations that have been officially recognized around the world as a common reference. The community resonates that constellations are visible as per the spiritual growth of the person seeking the stars for answers.

The community had legit observed 4 constellations that were personal to them- 

– Moose in Fall: Signifying procurement of necessary food and materials to last through the Winter

– Woven thread in Winter: Signifying storytelling and family time, reconnecting with one another

– Cross in Spring: Signifying breakup of the ice, seasonal flooding, and danger

– Basket in Summer: Signifying more leisure time

I have tried looking for these constellations in my seasonal skies but I guess my spiritual journey requires extra supplements. 

But, hey! I did find my extra constellation formations which are personal to me.